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Wedding Update

So we’ve got less than 10 weeks till the big day and everyone keeps asking if I’m really stressed yet, and I’m not. Really not. I’ve got my book of lists, which gets edited weekly, and my guest spreadsheet which gets updated whenever we get a reply. I’m ahead of my timescale plan, so have been doing what I can towards things that I can’t do yet – like colour coding guests in the spreadsheet if they know each other, so I can start planning seating arrangements, and designing thank you cards for people’s time and gifts for afterwards. My dress is all ready for the first fitting – am just finishing buying my accessories, so I’ll get to see how it looks all together shortly. 🙂 Even when the caterer phoned to say she couldn’t do what her predecessor promised us, I wasn’t stressed. I just explained why her alternative was not suitable for us, and pointed out that her predecessor had these promises in a written quote. Fourty eight hours later, after she’d discussed it with her boss, she declared it was no longer a problem.

Maybe I’m not stressed yet because I’m still enjoying all the planning. All the lists, emails and plans get me excited and I like it when I have wedding stuff to do. Maybe I’m not stressed because work can be so intense and stressful that comparatively this feels like a walk in the park. And because it’s so different from work, then it’s a nice change on my days off. Maybe I’m not stressed because Mr B isn’t. He too has perspective on whole thing, with his line of work, so is relaxed about it all – whether the day runs absolutely perfectly isn’t important in the big picture.

It’s probably a mixture of all three, and I probably will get stressed nearer the time, but right now I’m just enjoying it!

Wedding Stuff

This morning I finished making all of the invites!! 😀 They’re all in their envelopes, waiting to be addressed and posted / delievered. They took many hours to make, although I decided to blitz them over the past two weeks, so have spent 2-4 hours on each of my days off making them. As you might expect, I got quicker the more I did, and it was quite nice to sit and watch TV for an hour, plodding on with them. I don’t think I’ve watched TV these past two weeks without making invitations. I have enjoyed doing it, but I’m also really glad that I’ve finished them. I finished at 11.45 this morning, and at 12.45 I was in the swimming pool – desperate to do something different!

Otherwise the wedding plans are coming together nicely… I’m currently making a shortlist for bridesmaids’ dresses, ready for when my girlies are coming to try them on, part of the cake has been baked, the honeymoon’s sorted, our wedding rings are sorted, my parents bought their outfits the other week, we’ve written an order of service for the ceremony and talked to the vicar / churchwarden. Being a Methodist who is getting married in a C of E church means I’m a bit confused by all the wedding banns stuff – all these forms that have got to be carefully filled in, and next week we’re off to see our local vicar to arrange the reading of them in our local church. And given that we attend a fresh expression church, we had to work out if legally this counted as ‘worshipping in the parish’. It all seems a bit faffy.

Looking ahead from here, a lot of what I need to do, is go shopping! My dress is going to be made by the end of May, so I’m going to try to get all my accessories by then. Then of course there’s the bridesmaids’ dresses and my going away outfit. Originally I wasn’t fussed about a going away outfit, but then found out the reception venue has a special bridal room, which got me all excited and made me want to use it! I had previously envisioned myself trying to get out of my dress in the toilets! And also, because we’re going straight from the reception to the hotel and then to the honeymoon – I don’t really want to take my dress on the train, all the way to Italy!

Wedding Stuff

I currently feeling reasonably organised with all the wedding planning. We’re getting married in July and we’ve sorted the church, reception venue, transport, my dress, Mr B’s suit, his shoes and the entertainment. Which I think is fairly good going.

The venue that I previously posted about, we rejected when I realised that even if we managed to get our disabled guests up the two flights of stairs, the toilets couldn’t fit a chair in (when we’d asked about a disabled toilet, we were informed that ‘the toilets are on the same level’, but not that they will actually fit a wheelchair in!). We managed to find a venue with beautiful gardens, a large hall with enough tables for everyone to eat at and full disabled access. Basically, it ticked all the boxes, so we went with it.

Mr B sorted his suit back in October, because a high street shop was offering half price on made to measure suits, which he’d decided he wanted. And then he managed to get his shoes from the same shop, again 50% off. So he’d done very well, but it was making me feel disorganised because I hadn’t done much about my dress! Last weekend I went to London to visit a bridesmaid and had fun trying on dresses in a Barnardos shop which specialises in selling designer wedding dresses that have been used in photoshoots or as a sample in shops. Its a very good scheme, which Oxfam also offer in some shops, but you have to be able to find a dress that you like and can fit into. If it’s a bit too big, it can be made to fit you, but you can’t make the dresses any bigger. But obviously, they were good value. During the week I was at my parents house in Manchester, and went to proper bride shop with Mum, where they have designer dresses which they can order in your size, and then they adjust it to make it *properly* fit. I had thought that I would prefer not to go through all the faff of having fittings, etc, and if I could find a dress that worked (and I liked it) in Oxfam / Barnardos, then that would be preferable. But I don’t have a typical sized body – certain bits are proportionally bigger than the rest of me, so trying to find ‘the perfect dress’, without getting it properly fitted, would be difficult. And there was one dress in the shop in Manchester that I really liked. I’d decided that it was too expensive, but I then couldn’t get it out of my head. I’d look online and think ‘but none of them are as nice as that one in Manchester’. My Mum was with me then, and she really liked it too. So, I juggled my finances a little, went to this same bride shop but in my home city, tried it on again, got properly meausured and paid for it! It was very exciting! 😀

The thing is, I’m trying not to buy into the whole bridal / wedding expectations. Like it’s expected that I’ll wear heels on my wedding day. I don’t do heels. I can’t walk in them and I have never found a pair of heels that have been comfortable. I would like to be able to walk on my wedding day, without cursing my shoes, so I intend to find a nice pair of flatish, comfortable shoes or sandals. The dress can be shortened with this in mind, so I don’t see the problem. There just seems to be so many traditions that surround weddings that you’re expected to follow – why? What’s the reasoning behind it? Can’t we do it a different way?

Portable Lifts / Evacuation Chairs

Does anybody have any knowledge about portable chairs for disabled people which have a track on the back on them to take people safely up and down stairs? These people sell and hire such chairs for evacuation purposes, but the proper ones with a track on the back only go down stairs. Which seems a bit daft to me – what if you were in a basemate and needed to evacuate?!

Let me explain… basically, we’ve found a wedding venue which is really amazing and we both love it. But it’s up two flights of stairs and I have elderly relatives who cannot climb that many stairs. One relative is in a wheelchair and there are another couple of guests who don’t use a chair (yet), but would struggle when faced with that many stairs. We asked the venue about disabled access, they had been thinking about building a lift, but they can’t afford it at the moment. As they’re a small company who require a big change to enable proper disabled access, they can sidestep the disability discrimination act. They did say they were perfectly happy to carry wheelchairs up the stairs, but it isn’t very dignified, especially for someone who doesn’t normally require a chair!

In America there’s a company who sell and hire chairs that have an electronic track on the back of the chair, which can then go up or down stairs. If we could get hold of something like that, manual or electronic, it would solve this problem and allow us to have the venue we want. Does anybody have any suggestions???