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More Snow and Ice

We’ve had a lot more snow here – Friday morning it was really heavy, forcing me to walk to work, and due to the deep frost, it hasn’t properly melted even now. Saturday morning when I walked the two miles to work again, I was one of the first people to walk along the ice rinked pavements – as it was 6am. In my job it is quite difficult to get to work on time with weather like this. Many people live out in the country, and they’ve either not been able to get in, or have come in late. Because we start so early, and most of the snow fall has been overnight, then all the roads are still covered with snow. On Friday absolutely none of the roads had been gritted, so on Friday night when the snow was still prominent on the ground, and temperatures when down to -7C, it made it incredibly dangerous. At least until the sun came up.

And my department isn’t exactly one where you can manage with half the staff. I heard a story of one department where the every single nurse rang in on Friday morning, to say they’d be unable to come in or they’d be late. The night staff were forced to stay until someone arrived to take over from them. Yesterday I heard that at a residential house in the country the carers had been unable to get home since Thursday. There have been other sad and tragic, medical stories which I know of, which may have turned out differently if it weren’t for the weather. On the other hand though, when a vial of medicine was required from the other side of the country, it managed to be specially couriered through the snow and it was given successfully to my patient.

At the moment the remaining snow is slowly melting and I’m hoping we don’t get anymore – at least not when I’m trying to get to or from work! I don’t mind cycling in the middle of the day, when there’s some snow around, because most of the roads are clear. But at 6am, you can’t tell what it’s going to be like.

On a slightly different subject – I discovered the other day that the radiator in my room was off. It has numbers 1 to 6, and then an picture of a snow flake, and it had been on the snow flake since I moved in last May. Since the beginning of winter I’ve always thought my room was quite cold, but generally I just put another jumper on. And I didn’t think anything else of it. I can’t believe I was so stupid not to check the radiator. But, on the other hand, I am quite impressed that I survived most of a fairly cold winter without any heating in my room. It’s very ecologically friendly. My window is single glazed – think what proper insulation and a couple of jumpers would do for the environment and your heating bill!

Cycling in the Snow

Normally my main source of transport around my city is my bike.  I go everywhere on it.  And I’ve been trying to still go everywhere on it today, when it’s been snowing for most of the day.  I was alright cycling into town this afternoon, I went along a main road which didn’t have any snow on it, and it was fine.  The snow was still falling, which was slightly annoying when you’re cycling into it, especially when it goes into your eye, but it was ok.  Then I locked my bike up in town for an hour or two, whilst i did some odd jobs.  I returned to find my bike under an inch of snow.  I took a photo of it on my phone and if I figure out how to get photos from my phone to my laptop, then I’ll show you.  I brushed it off, and cycled home.  I went slowly, because I was on less main roads, and the snow had stuck, but it wasn’t v.thick on the ground.

Once I’d shaken off the snow and eaten, I wanted to go up to Mr B’s.  I didn’t really want to cycle unless necessary, but given that more snow and freezing temperatures are forcasted tonight, and I’ve got to get to work in the morning, I figured it would be better to cycle to Mr B’s tonight, and then I’ll be walking distance from work in the morning.  The only flaw in this plan is that Mr B lives up a big hill.  So I’ve discovered that trying to push a bike up a slippery paverment is very difficult.  The only thing that I could hold onto was my bike, which isn’t stable given it has wheels and it slips around all over the place.  I had my walking boots on, and just about managed it, but it was quite difficult.  Most of the way I just went slowly, aside from the big hill, I only had to get off and walk at one point, when I was trying to cycle on a footpath with compressed snow, ice and a slope.  When my bike started skidding, I decided I was saver on my feet, although then my bike and my feet skidded.  Anyway, I got here eventually.  And within the time I’d allowed, before Mr B would come and look for me!

OH!!! WOW!!!! SNOW!!!!!!!!!

At 7.30 this morning, I woke up to the voice of a housemate. An extremely excited voice. I lay there for a few minutes, wondering what on earth could make my housemate so high, so early in the morning. Then I heard her say ‘its all white’, and remembered that snow had been forecasted. I looked out of my window and EVERYWHERE was covered in snow!!!!!! I jumped out of bed, and got excited with the rest of my housemates. Becky, the v.excited housemate, exclaimed that she was going to the beach and ask if I wanted to come. I was still half asleep, and just said ‘but…..im not dressed’. 10 minutes later, I was fully dressed, and walking out of the house, down to the beach!

The beach was AMAZING! It was completely white. And apart from a few dog walkers, and some friends of ours building a snowman, it was empty. We walked all the way along the beach to the marina, saw all the boat covered in snow and walked along the pier and back along the beach. It was stunning. We took so many photos!

We got back home at about 10am, had breakfast, and now I’ve got to start work. But its all snowy!!!!! It feels like Christmas! I feel on too much of a high to work.