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More Experimenting

The photo below was taken from underneath a big sycamore tree, looking up towards the sky. I like the way you can see the depth of the tree, but I’m not sure how well it is protrayed in this photo. In real life, sat on a big rope swing that hung from the branches, I could clearly see all the different layers of the tree branches and leaves. Opinions welcome.

Tree from below

Experimenting with arty photography

Since I’ve had my digital camera I have been quite enjoying experimenting with different types of shots – children in motion, flowers close up and landscape views. This evening, whilst relaxing on my days off work, I decided to experiment by taking photos of some of the displays I have on my walls.

These a set of photos as part of the Earth from Above series, which I had in a calendar a year or two ago. I have cut out four of the nicer ones and put them up on my wall. I’m not sure though whether its a good thing or a bad thing that the pictures aren’t square with the frame of the photo. It gives it an interesting perspective, I think. But I’m not sure that it looks right.


The photo below also shows a display in my room. They are postcards I have bought recently because I decided they’d look good on my wall. Yesterday I put them up on my door. I think the wooden background to the photo provides an interesting backdrop, although I’m not convinced that a plain background wouldn’t look better.

More Experimenting

Opinions are welcome.