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Environmentally Friendly Day

I did something today that I’ve been meaning to do for several months. I went to the market and bought my fruit, veg and cheese there. My Dad thinks Swansea Market is fabulous and is always telling me I should use it more. I know it is environmentally better – the food is probably locally grown, so it supports local farmers and there are less air miles on the food. And it means that i’m not supporting big, supermarkets as much (I still had to go to the supermarket to get the rest of my food, but I didn’t spend as much). The cheese I bought is a mature cheddar called ‘Snowdon’ and looks quite exciting. The only problem with the market is I always get lost when I’m in it. I lose my bearings and always come out in a completely different place to where I think i will do. But, I suppose the more I use it, the better I’ll get.

What was equally exciting as the market shopping trip, was the cycle ride there. I haven’t riden my bike properly since i fell over coming down Pen y fan and strained a ligament in my knee. It was too painful to ride on it, and I think numerous friends would have shouted at me lots if i tried to! But, it hasn’t hurt for the past couple of weeks, so I decided to brave it on my bike. I removed the rain cover, dug my helmet out, and set off. I was doing absolutely fine, until I got to Ryddings Park Road, when I discovered that my back brake wasn’t working properly. Most Swansea readers will know that this isn’t particularly the best road to discover this on – its rather steep! I was there, zooming down this hill, trying to slow myself down with my front brake, but not wanting to do so too forcefully, for fear of flying over the handle bars!!! Oh bugger.

It was ok. I made it to the bottom in one piece. And I mentioned it to a housemate when I got home who worked out what the problem was and figured that a piece of duck tape would solve it. Fingers crossed!

This evening I’ve been to a People and Planet meeting, so over all i feel it has been quite an evironmentally friendly day. 🙂