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Kite Flying

This afternoon, after my lectures, I enjoyed the perfect break away from everything by going down to the beach with John and flying one of my kites. It was amazing because the sun was setting rather spectacularly, directly in front of us and the wind was so strong we felt like we were going to be lifted right off the ground! As there was two of us, we took turns in flying the kite and running manically around the beach taking photos and relaunching the kite. And between us we got some pretty nice photos…

Swansea bay with amazing sun Flying kite into the sunset

Jen flying her kite into the sunset Kite above Sunset Jen flying her rainbow kite


The wind. The strong powerful force. Strong enough to make you shiver. Strong enough to blow hats away. Strong enough to damage trees and houses. Strong enough to make the waves crash against the rocks. Strong enough to fly a kite.

My new kite! Dive bomb

And gentle too. Gentle enough to cool you down on a warm summer’s day. Gentle enough to quietly move the trees. This natural, powerful, gentle, strong, calm, invisible force to be reckoned with. Just like God.

Nearly lifting me off the ground! Bonfire with Mumbles in the background Round and round and round

You cannot see the wind. You can only see its effect on trees, objects and us. God’s spirit moves like the wind. It is active in our world today. We cannot see it. But we can see its effect on the people around us.

Wow! Kites are so great!!!

Yesterday I finally got a chance to fly my kites!!!!! YAY!!!! Thank you so much Duracell for flying them with me! It's a favourite hobby of mine, but one that rarely gets an opportunity to express itself, due to lack of time, space and good weather conditions. We flew two of my collection (I have 6 in total, but some are at home, as they are my Dad's as well), both twin lined, but very different in design. The first was my purple stunt kite, that I've had since I was 12 and I love it because I can do loads of tricks, but it has been crashed into the sea too many times, so its going rusty. I put a very cool, spinning tail on it, which looked great. Then we flew my rainbow kite (I know – WOW!!!!!), which I've never had much success with, but Duracell got it flying really well. Its one of the kites that fills up with air, and its rainbow coloured!!! I was impressed with how we managed to get it flying, it was cool. I didn't realise just how strong the wind was until at one point when the kite crashed, and I dropped the handles onto the beach, and the whole kite blew away! We had a manic chase after it, but we got it back. I'm looking forward to when I'm earning proper money and I can buy bigger, better kites (like the ones that drag you along – wow!). As you can probably tell, I do get very enthusiastic and excited when it comes to kites.