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As you may have noticed, I haven’t blogged for a while. Infact, I haven’t been around much anywhere online for a while. About a month without internet. Well, I’ve been able to get onto my emails for a brief 15 minutes here and there, but only really enough to scan through and reply to anything v.important. Its what happens when you move house and everything has to be set up in the new house.

If you’d have asked me a month ago how I would manage without internet for a month, I would have been sceptical. Negatively. When I have access I am usually on it whenever possible. Even if its on in the background in my room, as I’m busy doing other things. Its usually a main method of communication, both for offical things and for keeping in touch with friends; and of course, I like to keep up with online events. But suprisingly, I’ve enjoyed, in some respects, not having access. When you can’t get online, the temptation to do so disappears, and you can embrace real life without feeling tied down to a computer. Freedom. Oh course, there have been many things that I have been resticted with – Important emails, keeping in touch with friends and accessing information are just some to name. But there is a world outside the internet you know?! I’ve been phoning friends, referring to the yellow pages (the actual paper copy!) for reference and apologising for not being entirely up to date with the important emails. And despite not being able to spend time online, which often takes up a reasonable amount of my week, I’ve still been busy! Although that has mostly been due to having a house to sort out and furniture to buy, I have also enjoyed socialing and spending time with my new housemates.

So, now I’m back online. And I think, I’m going to try to cut down on my useage. I’ll still check stuff fairly regularly. But now I’m living in a house with friends rather than ‘people I happen to live with but don’t really know’, I can spend more time socialising with them and enjoying real life, rather than staring at a computer screen all day. Or at least, thats the plan.

Internet Ethics

I was talking to a friend on the phone the other day, and as we were talking she was answering word questions on facebook and consequently donating rice for the developing world! I have since received and accepted an invitation for the same program and I had a go this afternoon. Most of the questions are fairly easy, so it is quite easy to build up grains of rice. But still, something about it doesn’t quite sit right with me. It seems odd to be sat at my laptop, playing games and consequently winning rice for people with practically nothing! I think it is just the contrast of cultures which is particularly apparent when playing the game. The way that it is a ‘game’ for us, and real life for them.

Another recent internet dilemma for me was the creation of an amazon wishlist. I hadn’t created one previously because it seemed too cheeky to publish ‘I’d like this, and this and this, ooh and this please’. But recently I was on the amazon site, amending my recommendations list – telling it which CDs and books I owned from the ones it was recommending me. I was pretty impressed with its ability to produce a comprehensive list of CDs and books that I would like – it was also quite bad because I discovered several good looking CDs I didn’t know existed! Thats good internet marketing for you! And marketing that I’ve bought into. In the end I decided to create the wishlist because it makes sense for friends / family to be able to see what you don’t already own and would like. But that doesn’t mean I’m expecting to magically receive all the things I’ve added to it – all of them I can live without, they’d be nice but they’re not critical. I’m not going to link it from here, but if you’re interested it should be searchable with my full name on amazon.co.uk.