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Wobbly Rainbow Girl

My sense of balance has completely gone. If I walk a couple of metres, it feels like I’m on a boat. If I stand for a few seconds, I need to hold onto something. If I lie down on my side, then I feel disorientated after a minute or two and I definitely can’t roll around much in bed. I feel mostly ok when I’m sat down or when I’m lying on my front or back. But that doesn’t leave me with many things I can do without wobbling.

I don’t feel secure when washing up, showering, walking around my flat, cooking, anything really. Its very disconcerting. Last night when I was cleaning my teeth, the floor started wobbling, and I started wobbling against it – convinced in my head that I needed to do this in order to stay balanced. I then consciously thought ‘Jen – the bathroom floor *isn’t* moving, if you stand still you’ll be ok’. I managed it for about 2 seconds.

It all started on Friday. But then it was only v.occasional wobbliness. I was working on Friday night, and I thought I’d be ok to go to work. But unsurprising, when my body isn’t feeling 100%, it wasn’t happy about not going to bed my normal time. I lasted in work till 3am, when I told the nurse in charge I had to go home. She organised a taxi (on the NHS) to get me home. Since I woke up on Saturday morning, I have been constantly wobbly. I’ve phoned in sick for my other two nights this weekend.

Its odd because I’m not in a huge amount of pain. My sinuses feel blocked and today my glands are a bit sore. I’ve diagnosed myself with an infection in my ears / glands / sinuses area. Will try to get a doctors appointment tomorrow, especially if I’m still wobbling. Am hoping it doesn’t last too long – its horrible! I feel sea sick after walking to the kitchen. I dread to think what I’d be like in a car, considering I can get travel sick normally. Fingers crossed its better before Friday, when I have to travel Up North in a car.


I worked on the ward for the first time in over a week last night. I am (just about) better. I feel much better in myself generally, but I’m still congested, especially behind my ears and my cough is being very persistant. The doctor has given me decongestants, which are helping. I called in sick for 2 out of 3 night shifts, not because I was still bedridden and really ill, but because my body was is taking a long time to fully recover from the nasty infection. I wouldn’t have had enough energy to do a night on Thursday or Friday, I only just managed it last night. The congestion and pressure behind my ears was also causing considerable pain. But yesterday I felt better than I had done for over a week, and I felt I was fit for work.

The other major after effect of being ill, is of course, the entire weeks worth of work on my dissertation that I haven’t done. Now that I’m better, I’m trying to catch up and at the moment I feel like I’m doing so 24 hours a day. Yesterday I worked on it for most of the day, except for a couple of hours nap in the afternoon before my night shift. Then I went to work, and as it was quiet I spent several hours in a spare room doing some reading towards it. It was good because I was still on hand to take the most of any learning opportunities on the ward, but in the quiet patches I was using my time productively. I also managed to do a large portion of my big annoying folder with my mentor, which was really good. I think it was about 2.30am when my brain said ‘STOP! – I can’t do any more work, I’m supposed to be sleeping!’, so any ‘free time’ after that was spent reading my non-acedemic book. This morning I’ve come home and slept for a good four hours. I could have slept longer, but tomorrow I’m back on days (7am start, nice!) and I need to make sure I sleep tonight. This afternoon will be spent plodding on with my dissertation and tonight I’ll be flopping in the pub with good friends!

The Full Works

I went to the doctor this morning, because my health hadn’t improved, if anything it had deteriorated. He checked me over and said I have 2 infected ears, swollen glands, congested sinuses and a cough. Then he put his hand on my forehead and said ‘ooh and you’re definately burning up’. On top of that I’ve still got a headache. He’s given me some antibiotics, which should help (as long as it isn’t viral). ‘The full works’ he described the infection as – and it certainly feels like that!

Many thanks to you guys for your supportive comments and prayers. And also thanks to the friends who have been helping me to get better and reminding me to rest! Although, my body does a pretty good ‘rest reminder’ itself at the moment – if I do any vaguely energetic (such as not sleeping), my body screams to go back to bed. I physically *cannot* do much more than sleep at the moment. Speaking of which – I’m off back to bed!

Knackered, Ill and Frustrated

I’m ill. 🙁 My glands are swollen, my ears hurt a lot and I’ve got a persistant headache. It feels as if someone has come along and drained every molecule of ATP (energy) from me. I’ve spent over 80% of today in bed, either sleeping or watching a DVD. My sore ears have completely thrown my sense of balance, so everytime I do try to move around the house I feel dizzy. I’ve been regularly drinking lemsip which helps a little, but not for long.

I know generally, I’m not the world’s best patient, but I have been resting today. Even without several motherly friends telling me to rest, I *knew* I couldn’t do anything else. And resting for a day or so is alright. But, with the way I feel at the moment, I can’t see myself improving rapidly overnight. And at some point my work does *have* to be done. I’m off placement now until next Thursday night, which is good because I don’t immediately have to take any offical time off. But I was planning to use these valuable days off to work on my dissertation. And now I can’t. Its just really frustrating, because I’m enjoying my dissertation and I want to get on with it! I saw my supervisor on Thursday and she boosted my enthusiasm for it and wants to see me again in a couple more weeks with lots more done. Hmm… :S 🙁


I’m feeling better today. These influencing factors probably helped:

* I was in bed for 12 hours last night!!! (and asleep for most of it!) – it must be a record!

* I had a restful, but work productive morning – basically lying on sofa reading the latest edition of Paediatric Nursing.

* I booked my Greenbelt 06 tickets!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 That alone is enough to cheer me up! Wow, I can’t wait! Although, I stupidly managed to delete the confirmation email (oops!), but I have made a note of the reference numbers, so if there are any problems, it should (fingers crossed) be ok.

* I have sorted out the organisational stuff that I mentioned yesterday.

* My leg isn’t too bad today.

* I took advantage of an empty house last night, and played the keyboard for the first time in ages. I enjoyed playing/singing what I could from Common Ground and not worrying about people hearing my mistakes.


Almost everyone I know in Swansea has been ill over the past week. Freshers flu has hit hard this year. I’ve spent the last two days in bed. Normal cold-like symptons i can cope with, but this has been worse. I had a really bad headache, had absolutely no energy and slightly dizzy. If I got out of bed and did something vaguely energtic (like trying to get a DVD player to work) for about 15 minutes, I would then completely flake out, and need to sleep for an hour or two to recover. I’ve never felt like that before, and I don’t think I ever want to again.

Today I am feeling better, though still not 100% (about 85%, i think). I decided to take a third day off work, to get myself back into normality again. i was determined not to spend another day in bed, so cleaned our bathroom this morning, now in uni checking emails, etc, but will spend the afternoon relaxing in the chaplaincy. I seem to have 4 mums at the moment, well, 1 real mum and 3 overprotective female friends. This is a good thing when you need to eat and don’t have any energy to cook (thanks guys!), but can get slightly annoying when you have to promise each and every one of them that you won’t do too much. I know they all do it because they want me to get better properly, but I do feel like a rebelious teenager sometimes.

Looking back over the past few days, when I’ve been in bed, I’ve realised that you can tell how ill i am depending on what music I’m listening to. On Monday afternoon I tried to listen to my new Eliza Carthy CD, but found it too much – it was too changeable for my half-asleep head to cope with. I listened to some very relaxing, easy listening music instead. But by Tuesday afternoon I could cope with Eliza Carthy (with the volume down). I saw this as sign that I was improving. This morning, I put on a general folkie album, and impressively could cope with the volume up slightly higher, but my head could still not cope with Oysterband – t’was too much! When i’m working in the hospital, we tell how ill people are by their pain feedback (in babies this tends to be high pitched screaming!) and medical observations like heart rate, respirations, temperature, etc. i think the alternative ‘music scale’ is much more fun!

Whiles being ill, I’ve made an exciting discovery. There are lots of colours I never realised exsisted before! At one point, when I was feeling the need to stimulate myself intellectually, I found a puzzle book. After a flick through, one puzzle called ‘Rainbow’ stuck out (I wonder why…..). It had a list of 35 names of colours and you had to fit them into the crossword-type grid correctly. I never knew there were so many different colours. Like ‘Aal’, ‘Ecru’, ‘Capri’ and ‘Vermilion’ – does anyone know what colour any of them are supposed to be? That discovery really was the high-point of the day. I sat up in bed, said ‘ohh, wow’ a few times and bounced around a little, then felt exhausted went back to sleep.