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Things I have been reminded of today

* Arterial blood pressure is quite high in real terms, and can create a considerable mess!

* Don’t step too close to ‘the line’ – it could end up in a different type of mess!

* Upward spirals are better than downward spirals.

* Be thankful for what you have.

* Working nights and therefore being knackered, decreases your day to day coping skills.

* It is always worth persevering in a hunt for a tin opener (unfortunately it wasn’t a situation I was comfortable resorting to my pen knife! 😉 ).

* Friends are good at telling you when you’re talking crap.

* Ben and Jerry’s Caramel icecream is great!


Just to confirm the icecream didn’t actually kill me, I thought I’d say hello. I’m blaming Never Conforming for that one – she left me with lots and lots of ice cream! And ok, maybe she was a little surprised when she came back and found most of it gone! :angelic look:

Since my last proper post I’ve also decided I’m an introvert. Since then, people here and in real life, have pointed out its more about what you prefer to do when you’re knackered and how you act around people you aren’t close to. I realised that after being the centre of attention, for example at the first meeting of Swansea’s SCM group I’ve set up, all I want to do is flop at home. Which makes sense. As a child I was usually quite introverted and its only in the past few years as I’ve increased in confidence, that I’m more confortable in crowds. But I still need time to myself. Anyway, a friend gave me the link to the test I took last time, and I retook it and came out as ISFJ. Which I swear is quite different to last time. But I don’t care. I’m me, and that all that matters!