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Feel Good List

I recently borrowed the Chris While and Julie Matthews CD, Here and Now, from a friend. It has lots of good music on it, but my favourite has to be ‘Feel Good List’ which is about all the things in the world that make you feel good. It reminded me of an ‘other things to think about list’ which myself and this same friend created for each other last year, and I decided to expand it into my very own Feel Good List:

* Greenbelt
* Spending time with good friends
* Martyn Joseph live
* Cycling around Swansea (the flatter bits)
* The beach and looking out to sea
* Chatting to and spending time with John
* Watching sunsets and sunrises
* Show of Hands in the Albert Hall
* Strawberry picking (and eating)
* Girlie pub trips with wine
* Kite flying
* Singing silly songs at SCM events
* Feeling like you’re actually doing something to help someone
* Karine Polwart, Kate Rusby and Cara Dillon’s music – preferably live
* Sitting on the top of a hill, having just climbed it
* Spending time with children
* Camping
* Feeling like I can be me
* Ice cream
* Laughing lots

Mini Holiday on the Gower

This past week my family have invaded the Gower – 14 of them in total!!! All scattered around in different places over the Gower! Its been good – I worked my shifts at the beginning of the week and have since been enjoying various day trips on the Gower. My parents had a spare bed at their cottage, so some nights (when church stuff allowed me to), I’ve stayed over there, and its been good to spend time with them. Below are a selection of photos from the past week, including some panoramics from Worm’s Head – I forgot to take my camera out that day, so I offered to carry my Dad’s camera for him and then had great fun playing with the panoramic settings!

The Panoramic view from the top of Worm's Head

Panoramic from Worm's Head

Me looking over to the cliffs at Rhosilli, from Worm's Head Rock pools on the way over to Worm's Head

Primrose Dramatic Cliffs

Worm's Head Mumbles Lighthouse

Cute lambs!!! Langland Bay

Bike Ride

I’ve just got home after a fabulous bike ride. I set off early afternoon, prepared to further than usual, with food, drink, map, compass and extra layers. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so I can’t show you any photographs. But I can show you a map. I set off from my house, and cycled to Blackpill, where i went up through Cylne, past Killay, Dunvant and up to Gowerton. This section was all off road, through woods, and mostly flatish. It was really pleasant, listening to the birds and going along gently. The second half of this path was new to me, I’d only ever got as far as Killay before, because I lived near there last year. When I got to Gowerton, I was feeling a bit lost. I didn’t really know how I was going to get home. I could have just gone back the way I’d come, but I felt that was boring, and I fancied getting out onto the Gower.

Before today I’ve never taken my bike out on the Gower. Previously I had decided that I wasn’t fit enough for it. And today proved that I was correct. I set out on the North Gower road, but found it too busy (especially when the ideal cycle path, decided to just stop), so I turned off a smaller road which was sign posted Three Crosses. On the map, I could see that between myself and Three Crosses, there was a biggish hill. But its a lot easier to look at the contour lines on a map and to convince yourself that you can do it, than it is to actually cycle up the hill. Well, I did what I could – I took regular breaks and pushed some of the way. The views were absolutely amazing though. I was sorry I’d left my camera at home at this point. When I finally got to the ‘Welcome to Three Crosses’ sign, you have no idea how glad I was.

All the effort climbing up the hill, was worth it when I zoomed down the other side, down into Dunvant. I managed to break my maximum speed on my bike – I was going at 24.7 mph, which on a bike is quite fast! I *think* the section when I was going that fast, was down what seemed like the biggest hill in the world, and then I suddenly realised there was a roundabout at the bottom of the valley, and a similar sized hill going up the other side!!! Oh bugger. Argh!!! Lets just say I am so glad there weren’t any cars going around that roundabout when I got there.

The rest of the journey was quite simple. I just came back along the roads and through the park, back to my house. I now feel completely knackered. And my knee isn’t entirely happy. My whole body kinda aches a little, like it does after a long hike. But my bad knee is aching more than anywhere else. I need to find out from my physio whether the pain I get after cycling / hiking lots, is good pain (its strengthening the muscle) or bad pain (its pushing the ligament too much).

Overall it was a good afternoon. But now I’m going to go and have a bath and find some food before going out to a wiblogger’s birthday party.