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I doubt if there were any readers who could work out what I was referring to in my last post – I only vaguely knew what I was talking about! Well, I did…it kind of applied to two things at the same time. One of which has worked out fine (I even got a round of applause in the pub for it! :$ ), and the second thing…well, I’m on a break from that. So I’m not allowed to talk about it. I just dream about it instead. Oh well, it’ll be ok.

I just wanted to let you know that things were alright in this corner of the world. I have a list as long as my arm of jobs to do, and all I’ve done is spend money – that’s life! It seems like half the shops in town as going bust, so I keep on finding really good bargains! Tomorrow I *have* to crack on with my list of Stuff To Do. At the end of the week I’m off Down South to see my relatives and Grandparents, while they’re still around. Surprise, surprise, they’re old. Every time I speak to my mum she informs me of another fall, hospital appointment or necessary blood test. And it’s very frustrating being relatively knowledgeable about medicine and getting 3rd hand information about the family, who aren’t medical in the slightest. It’s like building a jigsaw when half the pieces are missing!

Anyway, that’s enough of my babbling – I’m off to finish one of my Things To Do – sewing up the hole in my skirt, before going to bed. Hope you all have a fabulous 2009!

Amazed and Amused

Being at home over Christmas not only means that I get to see my parents, grandparents and my sister, but I also get to hear all those family stories that I often miss out on when I’m away at uni. For example, I don’t get much chance to talk to my auntie and uncle when I’m in Swansea, but the other night my mum rang them to let them know my grandparents had got here safely, so I took advantage of this opportunity to catch up with them.

With my obvious fondness of children, these chats often include funny anecdotes about their grandchildren, all of whom I am close to. And last night was no exception. M, their 5 year old grandchild, is currently learning to play the violin. He’s been learning for over a year now, having declared as soon as he could talk, that he wanted to play it. He is surprisingly good for his age – last April when he played a simple piece at my grandparents Diamond Wedding anniversary, I was both very impressed at his playing and struck by the cuteness (his violin is 1/16th of a normal sized violin!!! – aww!!).

Anyway, earlier this week his music teacher organised a concert for all of her pupils to play in together. This concert happened to be straight after M’s school Christmas party, so his mother was quite concerned that he would be too tired to play in it. But, he went along and played. He had to play ‘London’s Burning’ on his own, and ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ with the other, older children. When he got home M rang his Grandad to tell him how it had gone. Grandad asked how ‘London’s Burning’ had gone, and he declared it went well and he was very proud of himself (his words). And then Grandad asked M how ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ with the other children had gone. M said ‘It was good, I played it all right, and I even got to the end first!!!’

My weekend

I’ve just come back from down south, where I celebrated my cousin’s wedding. The service went very well, and the reception was held in the pub next door, which the groon’s Dad owns. During the service the minister told us a story: There was once a bride rehearsing for her wedding, and she was so nervous and stressed that she couldn’t take in what she had to do. The minister simplified it for the bride – you just have to walk up the aisle, stand at the alter and say the right words, and then we’ll sing a hymn. But she was still confused, she had too much stress on her mind. So the minister simplified it further, and as he did so her expression changed from anxious to joyful. He said ‘aisle….alter…..hymn.’

It was only a flying visit down south, but it was great to see my family. I usually spend a week or so down there every summer, and this year its been shorted to 2 days. When I left this afternoon I had a party of 8, all lined up at the station waving me off. I felt very privileged to have so many people wanting to be at the station to say goodbye!

The train journey, was amazingly for a Sunday evening, fine. In fact, it was early. Shock horror. I couldn’t believe it. I’m used to getting in 3 hours late on a Sunday evening, and I was 15 minutes early!!!! I had to catch 4 different trains, so I was anticipating missing my connections and getting in a mess. But the all of the first 3 trains were early by about 10 minutes each. And the last one was running late when I got on it – but that meant it was earlier than the planned train back to Swansea. Hence I got in 15 minutes early. 🙂