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I have just spent the weekend in Birmingham, visiting a friend and on Saturday evening another friend joined us. It was a much enjoyable weekend – lots of laughs and chatter.

When we finally woke up on Saturday morning, we needed to go to the local shops to stock up on food. I was very impressed that every single item which I purchased was Fairly Traded! Earlier this week I had been getting frustrated at my local shops in Manchester because none of them sold Geobars. So when I finally found some in Birmingham, I decided to stock up! And we had to have a supply of Fair Trade wine and biscuits for Saturday evening.

Yesterday afternoon we went to visit the think tank – which had a ‘Medicine Matters’ exhibition currently on, which I enjoyed. It was all interactive, so it was amazing to play games which demonstrated in simple form, all the anatomy and physiology I have to know. They even had videos of eye surgery – which Jo said she couldn’t watch for swirmish reasons, whereas I didn’t watch it because its not the same when you’ve seen it in real life! After the medicine section we had time for a quick overview of the rest of the interactive museum and for Jo to prove she really is good at digging! 😉

On Saturday evening we opened the bottles of Fair Trade wine and enjoyed a nice relaxed evening. In fact so relaxed that when our brains were too dead for the film that we tried to watch, so we just chatted instead! Sunday morning wasn’t quite so relaxing, but I’ll let Jo tell you about that if and when she wants to. Afterwards we enjoyed a meal in the local weatherspoons and then had great fun painting PVA glue to waterproof a banner for Greenbelt next weekend. Which as you can imagine, reminded me that GB is only 5 days away!!!! 😀 😀 😀