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Is all about preparation and waiting. Well, I feel fairly prepared. I did the last of my present shopping this morning, and everything is wrapped up and sorted into bags ready to go to their respective people. All the cards and presents to be posted, have gone off. I’m waiting for one more online parcel to arrive, but as long as it comes before Christmas Day, that’s ok. I’m not normally quite this organised – it’s mostly because we’re having Christmas day here this year, parents and big sis are coming, and Mr B has offered to cook! So I figured I ought to be organised with cards and presents, so I can sort out the house and food nearer the time. I wasn’t though expecting to be quite this ahead yet – I’ve been off work sick the past couple of days, so I’ve been watching DVDs whilst sorting cards / wrapping presents. I’ve got a fairly busy couple of weeks now (a trip to Manchester, a wedding back here and a Christmas party to organise, just this weekend!), so I’m glad I’m on top of things. And I feel lots better!

Christmas at mine this year should be good. Mr B and I are sorting the food between us, my housemates will be at their parents house, so the 5 of us will have the house to ourselves. It meant that I could fit my shifts in around Christmas, without having to allow for travelling time.

The main things I’ve got left to do, is buy a tree and some decorations, clean the house and sort out all the food. And in the mean time, I’m opening a door on my advent calendar each day, reading a little more of the Christmas story, and eating a Divine chocolate. 🙂

Recharging my Batteries

As most people will know, I’ve been at home over Christmas. And its been great. I’ve slept for over 12 solid hours on numerous occasions. I’ve eaten lots of amazing food, including some of the 12 different types of cheese we currently have in our fridge, thanks to various Christmas presents and offers in the shops. I’ve drunk plenty of fabulous alcohol, the best of which being the organic cider and organic white wine my Dad picked up in Unicorn, as a Christmas treat. And generally, I feel refreshed and ready to go back to my hectic uni life. After this past term, a relaxing break and being spoilt rotten with home cooking is exactly what I needed. Ooh, and as well as resting, I’ve also managed to almost* finish my dissertation, which means there shouldn’t be lots to do on it next week, when I’m back in Swansea before its due in! 🙂

* All I’ve got left to do is the conclusion, abstract, final editing of the main body of text and tidying up my reference list. So I can definately see the light at the end of the tunnel!


Alice tried to post some of my photos from the music night at Emily and Rhys’ house last Saturday, but they came out all squished, so I thought I’d have a second attempt here. I did half intend to blog some of them after I’d put them onto flickr, but with one thing and another, I haven’t had chance.

Getting into the swing of it Benjamin having a go on the guitar

And going back even further…. here are a couple of photos from our hiking club Christmas dinner (more photos can be found here).

Becky, Sarah, Jeni, Jen and Rosie Dancing


Apologies for the severe lack of blogging recently. Christmas seemed to appear out of nowhere this year, and even now I don’t really feel in the Christmas spirit. These past few months I’ve been ill numerous times (at the moment I’ve got a chesty cough) and more recently, I have obviously been trying to deal with the shock and grief of Mike’s death. Not to mention the pressures of writing a dissertation, doing shift work in the hospital and trying to continue with ‘normal life’. I did my last shift on Thursday night and then suddenly realised that it was my last weekend in Swansea I hadn’t written any Christmas cards or wrapped up any presents for Swansea people. These past few days have been a rush to get Christmas preparations sorted, clean the entire house and pack up for travelling home today, as well as do all the Christmas celebrations with friends and church.

I just feel like this term has completely knackered me, both physically and emotionally. I look back on it now, and I really don’t know how I got through it. A friend in Swansea gave me for Christmas a Mr Happy cushion / hot waterbottle holder, saying that he saw it and instantly decided it was a perfect present for me! I did question whether I am really that happy generally, for him to make that association and my friends assured me that I am generally smiley and cheerful. I suppose I should take it as a compliment that I can come across as smiley and cheerful, even when life isn’t so great. I’m just bemused by it. Not sure quite how I do it. Although, I do know I could do it without Him upstairs and numerous good friends (obviously one is more than good friends and theres also more friends than I could link to – or not if they don’t have a blog). But anyway, thank you.