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Locked in!

With all the wet weather in Swansea, our front door has massively expanded. Last year it used to be slightly harder to open when it was wet, but nothing like this. Literally, I haven’t been able to open our front door alone for the past week or two! It usually takes two of us, although I think my housemates are stronger than me, because they seem to be able to do it on their own more often than I can. But seriously, if I’ve been in the house on my own, then I haven’t been able to get out! Luckily it hasn’t happened much, and when it has happened, I haven’t needed to go out. Its a major health and fire hazard, especially as its our only ground floor exit. There aren’t even any windows that open out to the ground floor (trust me – I’ve considered alternative exits!).

I wrote a letter to the landlords over a week ago about it, and it was given to them with our rent cheques. This morning I really was beginning to get more than a little annoyed at the door, which was refusing to open. Especially when we noticed the door frame cracking at the excessive force we were having to apply to get out of the house! Assertively ringing the landlords was added to my list of things to do today. And then, I was sat on my bed working and I could hear a distinctive sawing sound. I went to investigate and discovered our landlord dutifully shrinking our door!!! Thank goodness! We’re not locked in anymore!

New housemates, silliness and fuse boxes

My new housemate moved in on yesterday! Shes a good friend of mine, and we’ve had a great couple of days together. We have been getting quite naturally high, a considerable amount of the time – but i think thats just because we’re excited about the new house! The other two housemates are moving in tomorrow, so the dynamics will change then, but it should be cool.

After a manic weekend (unpacking, sorting house stuff out, partying and being silly), we were just going to bed, completely knackered, at about 10.30 tonight and she turned on her bedroom light only to find the whole house consequently went black! The fuse had blown. And despite living here for 15 months, I really couldn’t remember where the fuse box was. I know, I can’t quite believe I could be that gormless. Whilst she went off with a torch hunting, I sent a text to everyone I knew who has ever lived in this house (a surprisingly large number of people!), asking where the fuse box was! I was very impressed with the influx of replies and phone calls I had!!! Thanks guys.

Erm, I don’t think the timer on our microwave works…

My Dinner

This was supposed to be a lasagne ready meal. I put it in the microwave for 12 minutes, as instructed on the back of packet. During these ’12 minutes’ I was very busy, running round like a headless chicken, and wondering what that burning smell was. I assumed it was my housemate’s dinner. Until I went to check on my ready meal. The mircowave said that it still had 9.5 minutes left of cooking time, but I think it had been saying that for sometime. Hmm. The hole in the middle of the meal, that you can see in the photo, was the only part of the meal that was edible – it was the only bit that I could cut into, even with a carving knife. So much for my quick and easy meal – I now had to find something else to eat!