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For every breath that leaves me now
Another comes to fill me
And for every death that grieves me now
The next will surely kill me
For those borders crumble every day
The faultlines are showing
And all I thought was here to stay
Slowly is going.

Faultlines, Karine Polwart

Resolution Notice

Does anyone have Windows Pisca and get an annoying ‘Resolution Notice’ on their screen every 30 seconds?! It’s driving me insane! It’s telling me that I can get a better resolution, which I’ve tried and it’s too small – it might be better for pictures but it makes the text too small. It says to press 1 to clear the notice and 2 to disable the message, but neither work! Any helpful comments appreciated!


Hmm, apparently that’s “medium”… :S
Apologies if you’ve visited in the last half an hour – I’m trying to get these silly photos as I want them!

That’s better. Although I do think there should be a size between the ‘medium’ (as it is now) and the ‘large’ which covered the entire page!


How on earth are you supposed to be able to keep a birthday present secret when you live with someone?  When you share you life so closely with them?  When they’re your boyfriend, partner, housemate and friend, all rolled into one.  I would have managed it if I’d been able to buy it in town.  But it was impossible to get locally, so I had to order it online.  And if I’d known that parcels here always come before 8am, when I’m either not in, or am half asleep, then I would have arranged for it to be delivered to a friend’s house.  But no.  Sigh.  He doesn’t know exactly what it is.  He just recognised the label on the package, and my refusal to tell him what I’d been spending money on, confirmed it’s birthday essence.


Can hang on such a thin thread sometimes.  You think everything’s going to be ok, you think he’s through the worst, you think you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Then BAM.  You get a phonecall that tells you differently.

The shock was the worst bit.  I couldn’t believe she was talking about the right person.  Then I just sat there.  Stared into space.  I had been all set to go to the allotment, but that didn’t happen until I’d stared into space for 20 minutes.  When I did go, I dug, and dug and dug, taking all my feelings out on the ground.  With Kate in my ears, I only stopped and broke down when ‘Canaan’s Land’ came on.

After a good old dig and a good old cry, I felt like I’d let out many of my clogged up feelings, and I went for a long walk, with some slightly cheerier music.

There’s nothing I can do now.  We did everything we could.

Who? Me?

So, you want me to do that? But… I haven’t been here long enough… I don’t know enough. There’s got to be other people who could do it better than me. So, there will be other people around to help me? Good. But you still want me to take the lead role? Hmm. Ok.

Where are these other people? I thought someone was going to do X and Y? Yes, I know I’ve got some help, but more had promised to come too. I’m stuck here at the moment. I can’t do it. I can’t do everything. I haven’t been around long enough. I don’t know enough.

I suppose in time support should come. It has done in the past. Just have to keep going. Keep trying. Keep praying.

Why is it that…

… whenever I wash socks, the number of odd ones in my drawer increases?
… whenever I own a plant it dies?
… I never have time to do everything I want to?
… I can never decide what to wear to work parties?


Do you like it? I thought it was a good, homemade, appropriate picture! Some day I’m going to dye some spaghetti purple, take a photo of it, and then eat it! I just have to work out what to dye it with, food colouring would work, but I’d prefer something a bit more natural. Hmm.


I’ve been playing with some of the finer details of this blog, when I’ve not been busy, and I have a few questions…
1. Some people have their avatar from the old wibsite on the new site, but other people don’t. I don’t. How do you do that??
2. I’ve put in some new links, on the right hand side, but I want the ‘Worth Supporting’ category to be above the ‘People’ category, but I can’t figure out how to do it.
3. Tagging. Its a whole new concept to me, but I’d like to learn. Anybody like to explain?


I decided that given the wibsite was all changing, then it was time for an all change with this blog. Rainbow Girl just wasn’t working for me anymore. As for Purple Spaghetti, well, I’m not going to bore you with the story behind that one. Lets just say its my favourite colour and favourite kind of food.

Many thanks to Burnt Sienna for giving me the HTML trick for getting to post here!