I have many happy memories of my Gran. She always made piles and piles of cakes and homemade pasties whenever we came down to stay, and she’d make special effort to make the ones that I liked. Whenever we went to a park she’d go on the swings and swing higher than me – they were her favourite. And for her 80th, when we were trying to encourage to take it easy, we bought her an outside swinging sofa – and I’d love sharing a swing with her. In the mornings I’d climb into bed with them and chatter until I’d told them everything under the sun. In the evenings we’d play ‘UNO’ and she’d always gasp whenever the game didn’t quite go her way.

On Sunday she didn’t wake up. She’d had a massive stroke overnight and will never wake up normally again. She’s also got pneumonia and today they have stopped treating her. They think she’ll die in the next day or two.

Please pray that she goes peacefully and painlessly.

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