I’ve had a headache for 2 weeks. Went to the doctor earlier this week about it, who said it might be sinusitus but wasn’t sure enough to hand out antibiotics. Instead he gave me a pain killer, with instructions to take them for a few days and if my headache is still there after that, then go back to see him again. Except that the pain killers have never completely got rid of it. And now I’m more certain it’s sinusitus – my face feels all tight and sinuses hurt, my glands swollen and my ears don’t feel right. The weird thing is, my nose is still clear. It just feels like everything except my nose is blocked. On Friday I went to the chemist and asked for advice and the pharmacist gave me really strong decongestants. I only took them for one day because they made me really drowsy and didn’t seem to unclog anything. The drowsiness just made me feel worse, I couldn’t walk around the flat without feeling like I was going to fall over. I’m going back to the doctors tomorrow.

It just feels like this is the most drawn out illness ever. And I have to be better by next weekend – not only is it a double hen weekend, Mr B is also taking me to see Kate Rusby! I can’t be ill! Lets hope that the illness which takes nearly 2 weeks to come to light, recovers in less than a week.

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