Post Wedding Stuff

Some post wedding observations:
1. I don’t get any emails anymore. I organised most of the wedding via email, so I was constantly receiving wedding related emails, and now I often don’t receive any emails for days at a time! I think this is also partly because I’ve changed my email address, so all the junk emails are going to my old account.

2. Telling everyone about my change of name takes a VERY LONG TIME! Everyone wants to see my marriage certificate and my deedpoll certificate, so as their currently with the DVLA, there isn’t a lot I can do! The list of organisations that I need to tell just keeps growing!

3. We have however, finished writing all the thank yous. Just have a residual pile to deliever…

4. We’re having marriage preparation on Saturday. A little late, I know. When we went to organise it, they were fully booked for over 6 months, but they said it’s for newly weds as well as pre-weds.

5. We gave wedding cake out to the 27 people who gave us gifts, but couldn’t come to the wedding, which means we only have half a cake left. This is fine because our kids aren’t going to be Christened / Baptised at birth, so we don’t have to save a whole cake for that celebration. It does mean however, that when I come home from the pub a little tipsy and peckish, I eat some wedding cake… I don’t really want it all to disappear in this way, maybe I should take it to our church’s next community meal.

6. We’ve completed our main wedding album. At the beginning of August when we were looking at the photos with our friends who were the ‘official’ photographers, they said that we had the hardest job now, picking out the photos for the album. They said we’d struggle to get it done before next Christmas, Mr B said ‘no way, this is Jen, she’ll have it done by Greenbelt’. And I did. I also finished it in the same week our friends who got married 3 years ago finished theirs! Now I want to do a regular album with a wider collection of photos taken by guests, our honeymoon album and a scrapbook with all the wedding preparation stuff!

4 thoughts on “Post Wedding Stuff

  1. I still haven’t told the DVLA or changed my passport -I have to say I’m too nervous about sending the marriage certificate off in case they lose it. I changed it at bank branches where I could walk in and show them and take it back, but not others. It just means i have to remember when I’m booking flights etc, which is a pain but in a mildly inconvenient way.

  2. More than five years since our wedding, our album not yet complete. Shameful, I know! (Incidentally, have made a mini-album for each of the sets of parents, but not the ‘proper’ one.)

    Hope that married life treats you very well indeed!

  3. I’m impressed with the album – nearly 4 years on and I’ve still not done it … mind you, I have built a house though!

    And I”m fascinated with what people had for their cake and then did with their cake – we had chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache and king island cream and blueberries – it was served as dessert after our mid-afternoon cocktail food (lots of!) style celebration … and I didn’t actually get any! (I did get some to taste during the leadup though). So, it was all eaten and we had no plans to keep part of it for the future either for anniversary celebrations or for kids (’cause we’re not having any) …

  4. I think, 6 months after getting married, I have managed to change my names on everything (except my e-mail address and my paypal account because that seems way to complicated!) Mind you, I always think I have done everything and then something else comes up!

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