Monthly Archives: August 2010


I am now Mrs B. Everything on the wedding day went very well and it was a very enjoyable day. I’d been organised pre-wedding, so on the day I could just relax. My organisation included an ‘everything about everything’ pdf document which was sent to all important people and led to a comment from the best man which stated that if I’d been a Nazi they would have won the war, because of my organisational skills. I wasn’t sure whether to take this as compliment or not. I was also said to be the most relaxed bride a friend had known. I’d say that organised and relaxed is a pretty good combination! We’ve got the ‘official’ photos back and have chosen around 100 to be circulated amongst friends and family, and 50 to go into an album.

I am now more wary and cautious when outside. The previous post will probably explain why. It’s made me reflect on how our experiences and influences affect the way we perceive danger and the world around us. I’ve always been relatively relaxed about walking or cycling around potentionally dodgy areas. I went to secondary school in the middle of Moss Side, I caught the bus to school every day and I was absolutely fine. Now I have friends who live in rough areas, and previously I would think nothing of going to visit them, whereas now I would be much more cautious. Of course, my mental impact from the assult is nothing compared to Mr B’s, but it’s still made me more jumpy and wary when out and about.

We have a lot more stuff. It’s incredible how much stuff you acquire when you get married! Most of our gifts have now been delievered / unwrapped / bought, and so the amount of stuff in our fairly small flat increased dramatically. The kitchen is the main space that’s been affected, but thankfully many things have replaced our cheap and nasty versions. So we now have shiny cutlery in the drawer and a box of cheap ikea cutlery in the camping cupboard. And of course, anything that we really don’t wany anymore have given to charity. It’s not only the gifts, its the cake, table decorations, honeymoon stuff, spare order of services, etc.