Stressed now

We’re getting married on Saturday, although the stress level change isn’t directly related to the wedding. Mr B was attacked by a gang on Friday night – he was cycling home from a friend’s house at 9.30pm and a group of 6 youths kicked him off his moving bike, kicked him in the ribs and abdomin a few times before running off with his brand new bike and iPhone. I’ve just finished three nights, so was on my 2nd, very busy night, when I got a phonecall from him saying ‘I’m in A&E’. It was too busy for me to get down there straight away but I managed to go and see him in my breaks. His fore arm had doubled in size as it had hit a wall as he fell, but it was xrayed and the Dr was ‘pretty certain’ it wasn’t broken… Apart from being very stiff and waiting to hear from insurance companies, the biggest hit has been to his personality. He’s completely withdrawn and terrified of going anywhere. I’m just hoping and praying that over the course of the week he improves and feels well enough to face the 115 guests that are coming to our wedding…

Despite only having had 4 hours sleep inbetween each of my three nights, I’m still in ‘night mode’ so couldn’t sleep. Thought I’d come and share some of my feelings here, instead of tossing and turning and waking Mr B up.

I thought I’d been holding it together reasonably well. Several people commented what a good job I did in work on Friday, considering I had more than the job on my mind. And since then at home I’ve been a shoulder to cry on for Mr B, sorting out some of his meals as his arm’s in a sling, and generally keeping going. Then tonight we decided to go to our church, and surrounded by friends in a service about suffering, I couldn’t stop crying. And afterwards it was one of those ‘I can keep it together as long as you don’t ask me how I am’ moments, which of course everybody did. Then they took us to the pub and bought us alcohol.

Anyway, I think I’d better go and try to sleep again…

9 thoughts on “Stressed now

  1. wow, how horrible, poor Mr B!!!! I’m so sorry that this happened, let alone now. Will pray for you and him!

  2. Hugs and thoughts and prayers for you both, especially Mr B. Hope this week and all the preparation goes smoothly.

    J & S

  3. OH JEN!!!!!! {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    Will be praying for all the right recovery for him in all the right places in time for a perfect Saturday wedding!! xx

  4. Oh my: what happened to Mr B is awful.

    Prayers and love from Down Under for you both, and for Saturday.

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