Wedding Update

So we’ve got less than 10 weeks till the big day and everyone keeps asking if I’m really stressed yet, and I’m not. Really not. I’ve got my book of lists, which gets edited weekly, and my guest spreadsheet which gets updated whenever we get a reply. I’m ahead of my timescale plan, so have been doing what I can towards things that I can’t do yet – like colour coding guests in the spreadsheet if they know each other, so I can start planning seating arrangements, and designing thank you cards for people’s time and gifts for afterwards. My dress is all ready for the first fitting – am just finishing buying my accessories, so I’ll get to see how it looks all together shortly. 🙂 Even when the caterer phoned to say she couldn’t do what her predecessor promised us, I wasn’t stressed. I just explained why her alternative was not suitable for us, and pointed out that her predecessor had these promises in a written quote. Fourty eight hours later, after she’d discussed it with her boss, she declared it was no longer a problem.

Maybe I’m not stressed yet because I’m still enjoying all the planning. All the lists, emails and plans get me excited and I like it when I have wedding stuff to do. Maybe I’m not stressed because work can be so intense and stressful that comparatively this feels like a walk in the park. And because it’s so different from work, then it’s a nice change on my days off. Maybe I’m not stressed because Mr B isn’t. He too has perspective on whole thing, with his line of work, so is relaxed about it all – whether the day runs absolutely perfectly isn’t important in the big picture.

It’s probably a mixture of all three, and I probably will get stressed nearer the time, but right now I’m just enjoying it!

2 thoughts on “Wedding Update

  1. and you know what – there is totally NO reason to be stressed – a little worried every now and again, a little frustrated occassionaly, maybe even a tad annoyed – but stressed – why? if you’re loving it, love it 🙂

    I did

    and you know, I’d happily organise our wedding all over again 🙂 … though this time I’d be more aware of what was going on during the reception – that went WAY too fast 🙂

    Keep it up, love that you’re having fun with it, the memories are going to be so good!

  2. Wondrous to hear how it is all going. As a non-married person I cannot offer any advice, but your and Miss Lisa’s attitude sounds like the way to go to me.

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