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This morning I finished making all of the invites!! 😀 They’re all in their envelopes, waiting to be addressed and posted / delievered. They took many hours to make, although I decided to blitz them over the past two weeks, so have spent 2-4 hours on each of my days off making them. As you might expect, I got quicker the more I did, and it was quite nice to sit and watch TV for an hour, plodding on with them. I don’t think I’ve watched TV these past two weeks without making invitations. I have enjoyed doing it, but I’m also really glad that I’ve finished them. I finished at 11.45 this morning, and at 12.45 I was in the swimming pool – desperate to do something different!

Otherwise the wedding plans are coming together nicely… I’m currently making a shortlist for bridesmaids’ dresses, ready for when my girlies are coming to try them on, part of the cake has been baked, the honeymoon’s sorted, our wedding rings are sorted, my parents bought their outfits the other week, we’ve written an order of service for the ceremony and talked to the vicar / churchwarden. Being a Methodist who is getting married in a C of E church means I’m a bit confused by all the wedding banns stuff – all these forms that have got to be carefully filled in, and next week we’re off to see our local vicar to arrange the reading of them in our local church. And given that we attend a fresh expression church, we had to work out if legally this counted as ‘worshipping in the parish’. It all seems a bit faffy.

Looking ahead from here, a lot of what I need to do, is go shopping! My dress is going to be made by the end of May, so I’m going to try to get all my accessories by then. Then of course there’s the bridesmaids’ dresses and my going away outfit. Originally I wasn’t fussed about a going away outfit, but then found out the reception venue has a special bridal room, which got me all excited and made me want to use it! I had previously envisioned myself trying to get out of my dress in the toilets! And also, because we’re going straight from the reception to the hotel and then to the honeymoon – I don’t really want to take my dress on the train, all the way to Italy!

4 thoughts on “Wedding Stuff

  1. No, I imagine that might be rather uncomfortable; though you’d be the talk of the train! 😀

    Congratulations on the invites, and all the best with all those jobs that await.

  2. Its the Banns that are causing you a problem – the Bands go on your fingers. (and don’t come off again if you increase your body weight as much after your wedding as I did)

  3. Yeah, it is. I didn’t realise they were spelt like that… shows how little I know about them! Will change it now…

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