Monthly Archives: January 2010

New Home

So we moved house on Saturday. Not very far from where we were before, but I reckon moving two people’s furniture and belongings any distance is quite a task! We’ve barely stopped since we moved, and almost have everything unpacked… I was supposed to be doing nights Sunday and Monday, but luckily work was quiet so I managed to get Sunday night off, which meant I didn’t have to spend Sunday afternoon asleep and Sunday night in work, so we had a productive day.

The flat was sold as having two bedrooms with a large kitchen / living space, but we decided we’d prefer to use the bigger bedroom as a living room and the kitchen space for dinning and books etc. So consequently our bedroom is quite small, so we’ve had to re-organise our stuff, so that only bedroom essentials went in the bedroom. It’s quite nice having a whole flat to put things in – I’ve been able to do that before, but not to the same extent because I’ve always lived with other people, aside from Mr B. It just means we’re having to find new homes for everything.

It’s been fairly recently converted (it was the ground floor of a house), and the previous occupier was involved in this process, which I think has helped to ensure the quality. The kitchen is amazing – it has a full length cupboard that pulls out, fancy swingy thing on the corner cupboard for ease of access, a magnetic strip which you can stick knifes to and drawers which close themselves! (I get easily excited… ) There’s also a massive fridge / freezer which is fantastic because it’s all ours, although it’s high pitched squeal if the temperature gets too high inside it, is just slightly annoying… The first time it happened, Mr B had accidently left the fridge door open, and we were both standing in the kitchen trying to work out what that noise was. When we figured it out, we thought it was really cool – a fridge that tells you if it’s not shut properly! But then the next day we went shopping and put lots of warmer things into it, and it wouldn’t shut up for ages…

Yesterday morning I had great fun sorting out all of our books. When I moved in with Mr B he obviously had all his books on his bookcase, and I (mostly) left them where they were. But now all the books had been merged in boxes, I had the ideal opportunity to sort them all out. So they’re now sorted properly by subject and author. 🙂