Monthly Archives: December 2009


I’ve now finished work for Christmas, well until 7.30pm on Christmas day when I start nights, but I still get most of Christmas day to relax and a nice few days off before it. And after my nights I’m heading down south to see my family for a couple of days. We’ve got the in laws staying for the Christmas holiday days.

So I’m feeling quite Christmasy… we’ve got our real tree up and all the presents underneath, we will be going shopping for all the Christmas food shortly and I’ve got Kate Rusby’s Sweet Bells playing. We had our church’s carol service on Sunday evening, followed by birthday cake for Jesus and two congregational members. One of these congregational members is 91 and she every day she walks into the centre and protests for peace at the side of the road, which led us to have a discussion as to whether Jesus does this… Although the best carol event this year had to be ‘Beer and Carols’, an adaptation of Greenbelt’s ‘Beer and Hymns’. Our church has done it in previous years but we didn’t last year, and this year the landlord requested us back! So we took over half the pub with our instruments and singers, handing out sheets to other publicans and collected money for my work (by coincidence!). Some people obviously, moved away from us and grumbled about not being able to have a quiet evening in the pub, but others were coming up with requests and joining in. And it was good fun!

I’ve calmed down since my rant the other day, and also had a chance to think about it from his perspective a bit more. The whole thing basically means we’ve got to move house in the new year, when we were planning to stay where we are till April. So Mr B’s done some research and we’re off to see some places shortly. Christmas isn’t the ideal time to be house hunting because many estate agents have already closed for the holiday, but hopefully we’ll find somewhere suitable in the next few weeks.

Anyway, I basically came here to wish everyone a merry Christmas!!!

Turn the other cheek?

Somebody has made a very selfish decision which impacts massively on us, and what we do over the next few months. It’s very iritating and makes me almost regret doing what I assumed was the right thing to do. The whole thing has made me really annoyed and frustrated. Last night when I found out the news, I was so annoyed I was starting to think up ways to make his life difficult, as he’s made ours. But then I felt really mean for even thinking those things. And I remembered what Jesus said about turning the other cheek. Easier said than done.

I doubt if I’ll end up doing anything purposefully spiteful in revenge, but right now every time I think about it I boil up with anger, so I can’t even contemplate forgiving him right now. Jesus doesn’t ask for a lot, does he?! Maybe I’ll get there, some day. For now though, I’m going to make sure he knows the facts behind the situation and take it from there.