Odd Socks

Everytime I do any washing I acquire more odd socks. I currently have 13 in my drawer. And it drives me mad! Unless they’re only different on the bottom or underneath the shoe line (like black socks with coloured toes and heels), then I can’t wear them, because it would just annoy me. And so I’m always running low on socks that match! I would buy loads of plain socks, where it didn’t matter whether they matched or not, but I like matching them up, and I like having patterned socks… I keep hoping, with every wash, that the number of remaining odd socks will be significantly reduced. But it never seems to happen! I just don’t know what’s happening to all these socks!

One thought on “Odd Socks

  1. I guess I’m lucky that I’m boring and unoriginal, and most of my socks are white. 🙂 But seriously, I think our dryers have a portal to an evil parallel universe that sucks in one sock out of each pair just to screw with us…:)

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