Monthly Archives: October 2009

Portable Lifts / Evacuation Chairs

Does anybody have any knowledge about portable chairs for disabled people which have a track on the back on them to take people safely up and down stairs? These people sell and hire such chairs for evacuation purposes, but the proper ones with a track on the back only go down stairs. Which seems a bit daft to me – what if you were in a basemate and needed to evacuate?!

Let me explain… basically, we’ve found a wedding venue which is really amazing and we both love it. But it’s up two flights of stairs and I have elderly relatives who cannot climb that many stairs. One relative is in a wheelchair and there are another couple of guests who don’t use a chair (yet), but would struggle when faced with that many stairs. We asked the venue about disabled access, they had been thinking about building a lift, but they can’t afford it at the moment. As they’re a small company who require a big change to enable proper disabled access, they can sidestep the disability discrimination act. They did say they were perfectly happy to carry wheelchairs up the stairs, but it isn’t very dignified, especially for someone who doesn’t normally require a chair!

In America there’s a company who sell and hire chairs that have an electronic track on the back of the chair, which can then go up or down stairs. If we could get hold of something like that, manual or electronic, it would solve this problem and allow us to have the venue we want. Does anybody have any suggestions???