Monthly Archives: December 2008

Who? Me?

So, you want me to do that? But… I haven’t been here long enough… I don’t know enough. There’s got to be other people who could do it better than me. So, there will be other people around to help me? Good. But you still want me to take the lead role? Hmm. Ok.

Where are these other people? I thought someone was going to do X and Y? Yes, I know I’ve got some help, but more had promised to come too. I’m stuck here at the moment. I can’t do it. I can’t do everything. I haven’t been around long enough. I don’t know enough.

I suppose in time support should come. It has done in the past. Just have to keep going. Keep trying. Keep praying.

Why is it that…

… whenever I wash socks, the number of odd ones in my drawer increases?
… whenever I own a plant it dies?
… I never have time to do everything I want to?
… I can never decide what to wear to work parties?


Is all about preparation and waiting. Well, I feel fairly prepared. I did the last of my present shopping this morning, and everything is wrapped up and sorted into bags ready to go to their respective people. All the cards and presents to be posted, have gone off. I’m waiting for one more online parcel to arrive, but as long as it comes before Christmas Day, that’s ok. I’m not normally quite this organised – it’s mostly because we’re having Christmas day here this year, parents and big sis are coming, and Mr B has offered to cook! So I figured I ought to be organised with cards and presents, so I can sort out the house and food nearer the time. I wasn’t though expecting to be quite this ahead yet – I’ve been off work sick the past couple of days, so I’ve been watching DVDs whilst sorting cards / wrapping presents. I’ve got a fairly busy couple of weeks now (a trip to Manchester, a wedding back here and a Christmas party to organise, just this weekend!), so I’m glad I’m on top of things. And I feel lots better!

Christmas at mine this year should be good. Mr B and I are sorting the food between us, my housemates will be at their parents house, so the 5 of us will have the house to ourselves. It meant that I could fit my shifts in around Christmas, without having to allow for travelling time.

The main things I’ve got left to do, is buy a tree and some decorations, clean the house and sort out all the food. And in the mean time, I’m opening a door on my advent calendar each day, reading a little more of the Christmas story, and eating a Divine chocolate. 🙂


Just to let you know, I am still alive, although at times during the last week I’ve felt half dead. I’ve been in work continuously this past week. Or at least, its felt like that. I did a 12 hour day shift, 3 12 hour night shifts, a study day which started 24 hours after I’d finished nights, and then I did another 2 12 hour day shifts. All in a row. I think it’s fair to say that work is busier now than I’ve ever known it. And with a continuous big queue of patients trying to get in, it doesn’t ever let off. It’s called winter. It just seems worse than last winter. Maybe because I wasn’t taking as much responsibility then, and wasn’t as aware of the bigger picture. Anyway, I’ve got 3 days off now and I intend to enjoy them!

Tonight I’m introducing Mr B to Show of Hands. I’m really looking forward to it, and I think he’ll like them too. Tomorrow we’re tackling Christmas cards, probably going to the cinema and I’d like to go to the allotment. And then on Sunday my housemate, who is a chef, is cooking a thankgiving roast for a group of our friends. Before this packed weekend, I’m trying to get some paper work done for work… but as you can see, I’m procrastinating. Oops.