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Do you like it? I thought it was a good, homemade, appropriate picture! Some day I’m going to dye some spaghetti purple, take a photo of it, and then eat it! I just have to work out what to dye it with, food colouring would work, but I’d prefer something a bit more natural. Hmm.

Burnt Silly

So yesterday I went food shopping and decided to treat myself to a pizza which was half price. I went to put it in the oven, come dinner time, and found my housemate was roasting garlic in a saucepan, in the oven. After asking him about it, he said I could take it out because it was finished. So I got my oven gloves on, and put the pan on the hob. 30 seconds later I realise I need that hob for my mushrooms, so I pick up the saucepan with my bare hand. Well, nearly. I cried out before I’d lifted the pan. After a few minutes with my hand under the tap, I go back to my cooking my dinner. My housemates had kindly put my pizza in the oven for me, so I cook my mushrooms, and then its time to take out the pizza. I put my oven gloves on, open the oven, move the garlic bread to a lower shelf, move my hand back towards the pizza, and my wrists touches the pizza shelf. Which has been in a hot oven for nearly an hour. Ouch. By this point I was just feeling so stupid for managing to burn myself twice in such quick succession. I held my wrist underneath the tap for a few minutes too, this one was more painful than the first one. When I went out that evening, I had to take a cold, wet flannel with me.

Today I was in work, but my burns were looking much better. You can hardly see the first one, I think I let go of the handle quickly enough. The one on my wrist is red, but it hasn’t blistered massively like I expected it to. It was slightly sore and irritating at times, especially underneath my gloves. But overall I just felt silly for doing it, especially the second time!

NB: Thanks for the comments – have sorted my link categories, although Ian’s * idea didn’t work. Will tackle the rest another time.


I’ve been playing with some of the finer details of this blog, when I’ve not been busy, and I have a few questions…
1. Some people have their avatar from the old wibsite on the new site, but other people don’t. I don’t. How do you do that??
2. I’ve put in some new links, on the right hand side, but I want the ‘Worth Supporting’ category to be above the ‘People’ category, but I can’t figure out how to do it.
3. Tagging. Its a whole new concept to me, but I’d like to learn. Anybody like to explain?

Autumn Colours

Last week we took a trip to the Lake District, and I spent a lot of time sitting in the car, admiring the amazing autumn colours. They were just so rich and diverse. And then I came home and discovered the tree in the neighbours garden was bright orange. A perfect view from my bedroom. The photos below were the best I could find to illustrate the colours – they were taken last autumn, as I unfortunately didn’t manage to get any colourful ones from the lakes.


I decided that given the wibsite was all changing, then it was time for an all change with this blog. Rainbow Girl just wasn’t working for me anymore. As for Purple Spaghetti, well, I’m not going to bore you with the story behind that one. Lets just say its my favourite colour and favourite kind of food.

Many thanks to Burnt Sienna for giving me the HTML trick for getting to post here!