Letting Go

My work has its good days and bad days. My patient is pretty much all I think about for 12 hours at a time when I’m in work. And no matter whether they are improving or detoriating, it is incredibly difficult to STOP thinking about them at the end of the 12 hours.

I’ve not had the best weekend in work, but it could have been worse. Saturday was especially bad. At the end of it, I knew I needed to let off the steam from the day, but then also let go, forget about it all, and get some sleep before I returned again at 7am the following morning. Thankfully, although my housemates weren’t in, Mr B allowed me to rant at him for 10 timed minutes, and then changed the subject and made me laugh. And Roo also did a pretty good job of relaxing me over the phone before bed. But generally, letting go at the end of work is something I’ve recently realised I struggle with. If I’m with Mr B, he’ll tell me off if I talk about work too much, which helps because I don’t realise I’m doing it a lot of the time. But if I’m with friends that I wouldn’t talk to work about, or on my own, then it can often just spin around in my head. Thinking over everything I’ve done, working out what I did wrong / right, and thinking about how I can improve. Which is fine to a degree… but at some point I need to STOP thinking about it. Let go. I think I need a tact to doing this, without necessarily relying on others. Any ideas?

One thought on “Letting Go

  1. Sorry, no advice; but my prayers.

    And thanks be to God for the people you can offload to; in such a job as yours, they must be worth their weight in gold.

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