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Greenbelt 08 – “the year Jen got ill”

Yup – “Greenbelt 08 – The year Jen got ill”, as the person who took v.good care of me was quoted. I vomited numerous times on Sunday night and during the day on Monday; made everything stink of sick (I accidentally only opened one layer of the tent door…); and spent a total of 5 hours in the GB medical centre. But thankfully I had Mr B with me, who cleaned up the tent; sat on the floor next to me whilst I slept in the medical centre; and forgot about everything he wanted to see on Monday so he could look after me. I’m now, just about, getting better. Yesterday I didn’t vomit at all, but couldn’t manage to eat v.much, so when I tried to do something I wobbled. Today I’ve been fairly lethargic, but have eaten most of a small lunch, so I’m hoping to get my energy back sometime soon. I was supposed to be working a night shift tonight, but I’ve rung in sick.

But, despite the sickness, Greenbelt 08 was still very good. Before the sickness, I managed to see a few talks, a few good music artists and saw numerous friends. And although I was physically sick, psychologically I was in a Good Place, which definitely helped.

Trying to see everyone I knew at Greenbelt was quite difficult, although the SCM / wib meets helped. Due to Mr B, I camped with people from my church in my New Home, instead of the SCM crowd, as I have done in recent years. This made trying to see SCM people difficult at times, not to mention friends from Manchester, Swansea, wibloggers and people with other random connections. And Mr B isn’t exactly short of people he knows at GB. Too many people! I think I spent more time socialising in the Tiny Tea Tent / Organic Beer tent, then I did going to actual events, but I’m glad about that. It was good to see the people I did manage to see, and for those who I missed, I’m sorry.

For the first time in 6 years of GB, I didn’t go to the main communion service. In fact, the only worship I went to was the one I was involved with leading, unless you count Beer and Hymns! This wasn’t intentional, it just worked out like that. I chose not to go to the main service because we were meeting to set up everything for our service straight afterwards, so I preferred to have a quiet couple of hours at the tent. Our service… those who were there will be able to tell you it was, erm, different. I just hope that the message we were trying to give came through though. Its hard to tell when you know it inside out, and already know the point of x, y and z. It was long in the planning, and had many ups and downs, but overall I think it came through alright. Whether I get involved with a service of that style again is one for me to think about. I think next year I’d like to get involved with something else at GB, and stick to just planning the little services at church. But we’ll see.

Prize up for grabs

The first person to guess the secret behind the dragonfly photo below will receive a prize.*


*Terms and conditions apply:-
You must guess before or during Greenbelt and you must be at Greenbelt to receive your prize. Apologies to Aussie Wibloggers and others who are unlikely to be at Greenbelt.
D, M and Big Sis are banned from guessing.

Wiblog entry for 07/08/2008

Apologies for the miserable post below. Since posting it, I’ve heard some good family news, my washing machine has decided to magically work again and I’ve had an amusing texting conversation. And I’ve discovered I’ve got more facebook friends in my new home than my old home! (That doesn’t include people in ‘Wales’ rather than ‘Swansea’). They’re only little things, by comparison, but they just brought a smile to my face. Anyway, I’m off to clean this big empty house of mine, with my music playing loudly (my housemates are abroad for 3 weeks, so its a tad lonely).

Some difficult questions

Is one life equal to another? Is it fair to put a number of lives at risk, to possibly save one? These are difficult questions, which can’t be answered at the time. You can look back in hindsight and say ‘well, x, y and z should / shouldn’t have happened’, and you can do your best to learn from the experience. But you can’t change what happened. And you can’t predict that if the situation had been different, the outcome wouldn’t have been the same. This is what makes it so difficult.

For these reasons, and some others, this past week or so has been difficult. I think that everyone involved has to learn what they can from the experiences, take a few deep breaths and move on. Easier said than done. I’m just glad I’m going on holiday next week – I think I need it.