I miss Christmas :(

Yes, I know, I’m not really missing Christmas. I know its happening – I’ve got my advent calender up, I’ve written and given out half of my cards, and I’ve bought most of my presents. But I’m working so much before Christmas, so that I can have some time off after Christmas, that I’m missing out on a lot of pre-Christmas stuff. I haven’t sung a single carol yet this year. My first carol this year will be sung the Sunday before Christmas. (first draft of this thought it wasn’t until after Christmas, when I remembered that I do actually have next Sunday off). And yes, I do get some Christmas in work – last night when it was quiet the rest of the decorations went up on the unit, and on Christmas day apparently all the staff and parents/families sits down and has a BIG meal together. Which will be different, and I’m sure special in its own way. But it doesn’t make up for the fact that I’m missing out on a lot of Christmas church stuff. My church in Swansea is tonight having its Carols by Candlelight, which I have sung in and helped prepare in previous years. One of my new churches here is also having a special pre-Christmas service tonight, and but I’m working a nights. I suppose its just one of those things that comes with the job I have. Its just that knowing that, doesn’t make me miss it any less.

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