Greenbelt Photoblog

Well nearly… I wanted to put up a selection of Greenbelt photos, instead of talking about it this year. I hadn’t had time to do it up until today, because I’ve been traveling round the country, and now I try to do it, and my Dad’s computer is being silly and won’t let me do anything with my photos on Flickr, to transfer them across to here. I’ve also been trying to put up lots of Greenbelt photos onto facebook and it doesn’t like that either – it gets stuck halfway through the upload. Sigh, technology. Anyway, you can find my best (and one of John’s) photos, here – did try to put them in a separate set for you, but the computer didn’t even like doing that! Sorry for the lack of descriptions and titles – will add them in as soon as I can persuade the computer to play nicely.

One thought on “Greenbelt Photoblog

  1. They’re probably more entertaining without captions, so we have to make them up. The one with JtL entertaining the assembled wib-hordes (100_2553) is particularly intriguing and I’m trying hard to think up a suitably facetious caption.

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