Monthly Archives: August 2007

Catch up

I know the last post said I was at the end of an era, but it's not the end of this blog! Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, I’ve been a bit busy. Since my last post I have moved house, been camping and half decorated a study.

My parents came down to Swansea and picked up all my stuff for me, taking it back to Manchester and dumping it in my room. I went off to Cropredy camping for 3 days and had an amazing time celebrating Fairport's 40th Birthday in a completely sold out Cropredy. I then came back to Swansea for one night to celebrate another birthday, although 10 years younger, before catching a train back to Manchester. Arriving in my room at home, I was greeted by boxes, rucksacks, suitcases and plastic bags – all with my stuff in! I'm only actually living in Manchester for 3 weeks, but there was no way I could live in the room in that state, for more than about a day. So I then spent several days unpacking and sorting through not only the stuff I had in Swansea, but the stuff that I hadn't taken to uni in the first place! My room is thankfully now a lot more live-able in, although as my dad says – it seems to be the only tidy room in the house! I did leave some of my stuff in my room… honestly… I have also chucked / recycled / given to charity, loads of stuff, and safely secured the parts of my childhood I wanted to keep.

This week my Dad has been starting to decorate the study room behind our garage. He tends to be notoriously slow about these things, and it has been one of the causes of stress in this house recently, so whenever I'm not sorting stuff or doing SCM stuff, I have been helping him out with it. The wall paper has mostly been stripped off, on the walls and the ceiling, and everything needs fresh paper applying (there are too many cracks in the walls to paint them and the ceiling needed redoing thanks to a leaky roof). My Dad suddenly realised that I was going away tomorrow and would be unable to help him, and the ceiling paper will need 2 people to apply it. So he said either we paper it tonight or we leave it for 2 weeks until I'm back. And I know which my Mum would prefer… Only problem is that we haven't bought any paper yet. So tonight we're off wallpaper shopping and will probably be up late wall papering the ceiling. Fun, fun fun!

Anyway, I'd better be off. Hope to see some readers at Greenbelt – I'm all packed for it because I'm going there via Swansea tomorrow! Ooh, exciting…

The End of an Era

I’ve just had my last ever day in university. This coming week will be my last ever week in 94, the house that I’ve had connections with all through my university career, and lived in for 2 years. It will also be my last proper week in Swansea – I will be back to visit, I already have a couple of necessary visits planned, but it won’t quite be the same.

A week or so ago, I used this space to inform people of two job interviews that I had lined up and I was debating which one I would go for, if given the choice. Following that post I decided that the best thing to do would be to do my best at both interviews and see what happened. I didn’t know at that point whether I’d be offered either of the jobs, so jumping ahead of myself was just silly.

Anyway, I went along to interview A (see 2 posts down). I thought it went well. I was reasonably relaxed and was able to answer all the questions they asked. Three days later, 45 minutes before interview B, I receive a phone call saying I had job A. Having had a look around place A, been very impressed with it and having had time to think about the various options, I accepted job A and cancelled interview B.

So now, I am very excited because I have a job!!! All I’m going to say here for the time being about its location is that it is not too far from Swansea and is in a rainbow coloured hospital! I feel happy about it because it is such an amazing career opportunity, that I couldn’t turn it down. And I think I wanted to prove Dylan Thomas wrong, that Swansea isn’t the graveyard of all ambitions! 😉

Todays last day in uni was basically to say well done and good luck. This morning we had about countless different important people give us presentations about what we’ve achieved and looking towards the future. During one career talk, we were asked to raise our hands if we had a job already. Most of my coursemates hadn’t heard yet about my job, so they pounced on me as soon as they could do, interrogating me about the job! They were full of congratulations and really impressed at the job. After all the talks, our child branch group had organised a bring and share type lunch for us and our lecturers. I ate loads of food, talked to all my coursemates and got back my old essays and my Big Annoying Folder (sigh – I thought I’d got rid of that! 😉 ).

Leaving Swansea seems really odd. I don’t think its sunk in properly yet. And I will definitely miss everybody. I want to keep in touch with all my friends here, just as much as I want to pursue, what could be, an incredible career in nursing. To do the latter, I have to embrace this opportunity which I have been given by moving away from Swansea, but don’t think for one minute it means I’ll lose contact with the friends I’ve made here. So I’m sorry Swanseaites, but you’ll haven’t got rid of me properly yet – I’ll be back!