All Done

This morning I handed in my Big Annoying Folder, which has caused me much stress over the past 3 years. It was then handed back to me, as I’d forgotten to sign one thing, but thankfully that was soon fixed. It didn’t come back to haunt me completely! It feels great now its all handed in. Now I only have about 3 more weeks of placement and then I have to take 5 weeks off before I qualify and can start work. Its going to be great – I’ll only be working full time instead of having to write essays and get my work done on the ward. And then I get 5 weeks off! 🙂

Having said this, just after we’d all handed our folders in, we then had a lecture about continuing our professional development and how we’ll get another big annoying folder to work on. Great. I suppose its to be expected and it will help our career development. Its just not exactly what we want to hear, straight after handing in 3 years worth of placement work!

Anyway, on Wednesday night I get to celebrate in style at the Graduation Ball, which this year is being held in the Liberty Stadium with chocolate fountains and ice sculptures! I don’t officially graduate until this time next year, because our registration doesn’t come through till September, but my housemates are graduating this year so I decided to celebrate with them. John travelled down yesterday from Edinburgh for it, which is cool. He somehow managed to miss a connection and therefore get into Swansea 2 hours early. Don’t ask me how he managed that – I’d like to know myself for some journeys!

2 thoughts on “All Done

  1. "Liberty" stadium is an appropriate venue for a graduation event. Hope you feel suitably liberated. (In a good way…)

  2. Congratulations on finishing your course and getting the big annoying folder handed in.

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