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I’m Hagrid

Which Harry Potter Character Are You?

You are Hagrid. You’re an outcast with a heart of gold. Despite your own problems, you always find time to help those in need.
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I’m half way through the book – sshhh! Nobody tell me the ending please!! Been working all week, so haven’t had chance to finish it. Its on my List of Things To Do for this weekend, and my logic is if I do it now, before anything else, then I’ll do everything else much more productively. Or at least, thats my excuse.


I’ve had several pieces of exciting, scary and thought-provoking news recently, which I have been trying to not tell the whole world about. I am now going to tell the whole world, as I feel this space could be beneficial to bounce around some of my thoughts and feelings, but I hope you’ll respect the fact that I don’t want to tell the whole world *everything*. So apologies for the vagueness.

I’ve got two job interviews. Job A and Job B.

Job A:
* Is not local to Swansea
* Would be very scary, especially at the beginning
* Would be a very challenging job
* Would be very stressful
* Would probably lead to good, quick promotion opportunities
* Could be difficult to find accommodation

Job B:
* Is local to Swansea
* Is a department I am familiar with and would know many of the staff before I started
* Would be challenging and stressful, but not as much as job A
* Wouldn’t lead to as good promotion opportunities
* Would probably be easier to find accommodation (and I know enough floors I can sleep on for the short term if necessary)

Obviously I don’t know whether I’ll get either job. But I can’t help thinking *if* I got both, which one would I choose. Stressful and away from Swansea with good career opportunities or familiar environment which keeps me close to friends with not-so-good career opportunities. I know its silly thinking about it too much because I don’t know what will happen with the interviews, but I can’t help it. I feel as though I need to think about it now, so I’m not holding up the trusts next week longer than is necessary, just because I can’t decide.

Next week is going to be interesting. Not only because of the interviews but because I’m also moving out of 2 houses and working full time. Within 10 days I have: interview for job A, move out of house 1, interview for job B, pack up house 2 and send it back to house 3, and then get ready to go camping. Somewhere in that lot, I need to do 37.5 hours of work. :S By then end I think I’m going to be hiding in a corner somewhere and not fit to do either job!

Feel Good List

I recently borrowed the Chris While and Julie Matthews CD, Here and Now, from a friend. It has lots of good music on it, but my favourite has to be ‘Feel Good List’ which is about all the things in the world that make you feel good. It reminded me of an ‘other things to think about list’ which myself and this same friend created for each other last year, and I decided to expand it into my very own Feel Good List:

* Greenbelt
* Spending time with good friends
* Martyn Joseph live
* Cycling around Swansea (the flatter bits)
* The beach and looking out to sea
* Chatting to and spending time with John
* Watching sunsets and sunrises
* Show of Hands in the Albert Hall
* Strawberry picking (and eating)
* Girlie pub trips with wine
* Kite flying
* Singing silly songs at SCM events
* Feeling like you’re actually doing something to help someone
* Karine Polwart, Kate Rusby and Cara Dillon’s music – preferably live
* Sitting on the top of a hill, having just climbed it
* Spending time with children
* Camping
* Feeling like I can be me
* Ice cream
* Laughing lots

All Done

This morning I handed in my Big Annoying Folder, which has caused me much stress over the past 3 years. It was then handed back to me, as I’d forgotten to sign one thing, but thankfully that was soon fixed. It didn’t come back to haunt me completely! It feels great now its all handed in. Now I only have about 3 more weeks of placement and then I have to take 5 weeks off before I qualify and can start work. Its going to be great – I’ll only be working full time instead of having to write essays and get my work done on the ward. And then I get 5 weeks off! 🙂

Having said this, just after we’d all handed our folders in, we then had a lecture about continuing our professional development and how we’ll get another big annoying folder to work on. Great. I suppose its to be expected and it will help our career development. Its just not exactly what we want to hear, straight after handing in 3 years worth of placement work!

Anyway, on Wednesday night I get to celebrate in style at the Graduation Ball, which this year is being held in the Liberty Stadium with chocolate fountains and ice sculptures! I don’t officially graduate until this time next year, because our registration doesn’t come through till September, but my housemates are graduating this year so I decided to celebrate with them. John travelled down yesterday from Edinburgh for it, which is cool. He somehow managed to miss a connection and therefore get into Swansea 2 hours early. Don’t ask me how he managed that – I’d like to know myself for some journeys!

Twenty one years ago*

A woman named Ann was heavily pregnant and as she woke up, she realised her waters had broken. John, her husband, had to take Rachel to school and so they called an ambulance which arrived and took Ann across Swansea to Morriston Hospital. After taking Rachel to school, John followed Ann over to the hospital.

It should have been a nice, normal delivery. Except it wasn’t that simple. After an examination, the doctors believed the baby was breached and they were worried about the delivery. So they declared they would do a c-section. The theatre was booked, Ann was prepared and John was told he’d have to stay outside. Down in the theatre, everything was ready, except the surgeon who had been caught up elsewhere and was late. This baby however, was rather impatient, and couldn’t be bothered waiting around for the surgeon. Whilst the staff were waiting for him, the baby came out naturally! Ann was overjoyed at the sight of her newborn daughter. As she was being pushed on a trolley back down the corridor, with the baby in her arms, the surgeon was walking the other way and was surprised to find there was no need for him to do the c-section anymore!

John was then able to rejoin his wife, and meet his second child for the first time. Whilst Ann had been in the operating room, John had gone outside into the garden and found a four leaf clover. This clover was later pressed and kept inside his daughter’s baby book.

For a week or two following the birth, Ann and John could not decide on a name for their new child, so she was called ‘the baby’ for a while. Rachel loved the ‘Peter and Jane’ books and was insistent that she should be called Jane. Ann and John compromised with her, by keeping the first letter, and calling her Jennifer.

*In the style of Lanark