Monthly Archives: June 2007

Reflections on an academic year

I know my academic year hasn’t finished yet – that doesn’t happen for another 5 weeks when this placement is over, but I’ve had to buy a new academic diary because the old one will run out soonish. I bought an 18 month one so I can transfer over to normal years. Because in 5 weeks time I will have finished uni for ever. In about 10 weeks I should be a registered nurse. How scary is that?!

Anyway, I was transferring dates and birthdays from my old diary to my new diary, and reading everything that has happened in the past year as I went along. It was quite interesting actually. There were things like lists of things to talk to friends about when I rang them up, including initials for certain things/people. Knowing the context I knew what I had meant, and it just made me smile. There were other times when I looked at the page for a week and realise just how much stuff I’d (tried) to fit into a single week. How many different things I was trying to deal with at that time. Juggling, I think is the technical term.

But seriously, looking back I don’t know how I got through some parts of the past year. The other day I had a random deep and meaningful with a coursemate who is staying in the same B&B as me for placement. When I told her about some of the stuff I’ve dealt with in the past few months, she was astonished and asked how the hell did I cope with everything on top of third year academic work and placement. I said I didn’t really know how I’d coped. Then after some thought I said ‘my friends, and Him upstairs’. So a big thank you. You know who you are.

I’ve made it through uni, well just about. What next? Find a job. Hmm, if only it were as easy as it was to type those three words. I don’t really have a clue where I’ll end up working. Where theres a job. Where theres good promotion possibilities. Where there are friends. I doubt if I’ll find somewhere that has all three though! I need to think about where I really ought to be applying for, but basically I think I am going to have to go where ever I can get a job. But I will be back to visit Swansea. And once I’ve got some experience under my belt, I’ll have more job possibilities and could probably move back. I dunno at the moment, its all uncertain.

Surreal Weekend

This weekend I paid a visit to A&E, was elected as a trustee of a national charity and was put in jail by a little kid. Its been a bit manic, and the manicness continues for the next few days as I rush to get my essay done and travel back to my placement. But don’t worry, the A&E visit wasn’t for myself, the national charity is SCM and at the moment I’m more excited than scared, and we organised a Great Escape from the ‘jail’ we were sent to after church.


This week has been (or is being) slightly crazy. I’ve been working nights, sleeping a bit in the mornings and then getting up and writing my essay in the afternoon. All before eating and going back to work to do another 9 hour night shift! Fortunately it hasn’t been as busy as it has been, so I not been on my feet all night. And the good news is I’ve just finished the first draft of my essay!!! 🙂 Its due in a week on Monday, but I wanted it done before this weekend, as I can’t send it to my tutor after this weekend. And I’m also in Shefield this weekend for the SCM gathering, so it was my personal aim to get most of it done before then. I finish my nights on Friday morning and will go home to sleep for about 4 hours before catching a train up to Shefield. Generally this week I’ve been running off a high. Either that or just like a walking zombie. Am looking forward to next week when I can actually sleep for proper amounts! I think I’m going to need it by then.