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Spooning Cheese

Some good friends of mine have a bit of a thing about teaspoons (best not to ask 😉 ). But at the weekend they developed a personal significance for myself and John.

He came to stay with me, in the guest house I’m currently living in (for placement). The landlady, who usually cooks a main meal for me everyday, was fine about him staying, except obviously, she wasn’t going to cook for him too. We were both allowed to help ourselves to cereal for breakfast; we bought a selection of cheese, bread, chocolate and fruit for lunches, and then for dinner we either ate out or got a takeaway. On Saturday morning we were packing up for a day out in St Davids, and I suddenly realised that we didn’t have anything to cut the cheese with, whilst we were out on the cliff top. We probably could have borrowed the landlady’s kitchen utensils and made up the rolls, but I always think its more fun to improvise with the bread and cheese, as you’re sat on the end of a cliff, surrounded by sea. Maybe thats just me. So we picked up the only thing in my room that we thought would cut cheese sensibly. The teaspoon provided with the kettle for tea and coffee.

It was fantastic. We’d walked away from the main path, out to the peninsular of that particular part of the coast. Sat a metre or so away from the edge, surrounded by flowers, beautiful sea and watching some intriguing birds on nearby rocks (although I didn’t know what the birds or flowers were called…). And we got out the cheese and the teaspoon, and cut the cheese. It actually worked quite well. I recommend trying it. If you handle the spoon in the right way, you can actually cut straight(ish) slices. It didn’t always work out like that, but cheese tastes the same whether its in slices or random half-ball shapes. And the best thing was, neither of us could stop laughing for ages! I think its going to be a running joke between us for a little while…

Teaspooning Cheese!!!

Identification of the flowers and birds shown below would be appreciated!

Pretty Flowers and View! Birds


I’m on nights at the moment. I’m much better at coping with them now though, in comparison to the first ever night shifts I did. I now sleep easily for 6 or 7 hours during the day, whereas initially I couldn’t get into that routine. Its odd, I can often be feeling wide awake after a night shift, but then as soon as I lie down I fall asleep within a couple of minutes! My eating pattern also goes crazy – I eat around the clock, day and night. I have a main meal before I go out to work, I eat fruit, geobars and toast during the night (as and when I have time and am hungry), and then during the afternoon after a sleep I snack on cereal and whatever I fancy. It feels like I’m constantly eating, but its mostly just little and often.

Shifts generally tend to send my eating and sleeping patterns up the wall, although not as much as when I’m on nights. On early shifts, I tend to have 2 breakfasts, a smallish lunch and dinner. On late shifts its a bit more normal, except that the quantity of food for dinner varies depending on how busy the ward is. Sometimes I get home from a shift and just collapse into bed. Especially when I have a late followed by an early (finish at 9.30pm, start at 7am the following morning *yawn*). When I’m in Swansea its easier to be distracted (in a nice way) by my housemates, although on my last placement I did do one 12 hour shift where I was stood up in theatre for 6 hours, and then *nothing* could distract me from collapsing into bed.

Shifts are odd, and can be stressful, but I’m used to them. You learn to juggle everything else around them. At the moment, any time that isn’t spent on the ward or sleeping, is spent doing academic work. As I’m away from Swansea, my social life is limited (says she who is going out to dinner in 3 hours…). But then on my days off I either travel back to Swansea and see my friends, or they come up to me to visit. I’m down here till the beginning of August, when I’ve finished my degree. Eeek. Then I will (hopefully) be doing full time shift work.

Leaving / Arriving Church

cartoon from

Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

Another fantastic cartoon from Dave there. And so true, in so many cases. I remember when I was searching for a church in Swansea, when I first moved away from home. I wanted to have the chance to experiment, try out a various of churches and decide *myself* which type/denomination / tradition, I was most comfortable with. I tried numerous churches, on several different occasions each. For a little while it was a toss up between a local Baptist church, which was well attended by students that I knew, and the local Methodist church which felt more familiar in its service structure, sermon length and general atmosphere, but didn’t have the students and young adults. For a couple of months I was chopping and changing between the two – not feeling settled or happy in either church, although I did feel more at home and comfortable at the Methodist church.

One weekend however, I went away to the Methodist Youth Conference, where there was a big discussions about how to bring more 20/30 year olds back into the Methodist church. On the train, on the way home, I decided that I couldn’t not got to a Methodist Church, just because it didn’t have many people my age in regular attendance. How was this supposed to be improved, if I didn’t go in the first place?! You can’t encourage 20/30 year olds back into the Methodist church, if you’re not going yourself! How can you improve anything within a church, if you don’t stay there for long enough, because you don’t like the way it’s done?!

The following Sunday I went to church and met, for the first time, Sarah and Mike – two regular student attenders at the church, at that time. Since then the numbers of students and young adults have increased – there is now usually a good handful of us, even though we’ve sadly lost Mike in that time.

I am very glad that I chose to make Sketty Meth my home church, and I’ll certainly miss it when I move away. Will just have to add to the numbers of 20/30 year olds elsewhere…