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How hard can it be to sort out 1 doctor’s note???

Very hard. Trust me.

Let me take you through the annoying stages of this saga:
* I’m off work for 2 weeks because of X problem, I ring up the placements office to let them know and I’m told I’ll need a doctors note. Fine, I say. As long as it can wait till I’m well enough to get to the doctors, then I’ll bring it in.

* When I’m back on my feet again, I go to the doctors, explain that I need a sick note for those 2 weeks. Friendly doctor, trying to be helpful, but really not, insists that the sick note should cover the 2 months since diagnoses of X problem, to cover stress, etc. I explained that I didn’t need it for the whole time, only for those 2 weeks, but she really did insist.

* So I pay £10 for this doctors note and toddle off to the placements office to hand it in. The specific woman I’m supposed to hand it to is on annual leave on that day, but another lady ensures that she’ll give it to her.

* At the end of my last placement, I hand in my time sheet form, which indicated the time that I was off sick. The following day its returned to me in the post, with a note saying that a medical certificate is required for that amount of sick leave.

* I go back to the placements office and explain that I’ve already handed in a doctors note some weeks ago now. Lady in placements office apologises and says she’ll have a look for this doctors note.

* About half an hour later, I get a phone call from the placements lady, saying that shes found it, but that because the form signs me off for 2 months, instead of 2 weeks (like I’ve indicated on my time sheet), then that will all go down as sick on my records. We’re only allowed 21 days off in 3 years. With those 2 weeks, I am just under 21 days. There is no way I can afford to have 2 months written off on my record, when I was actually in!!!! I’d have to make it all up after my summer holiday, before starting a job. Which looks bad for employment, would be difficult to sort out acommodation and isn’t fair on me when I haven’t actually had that time off!!! I explain to the placements lady that I did only have the 2 weeks off, and the doctor just wrote in 2 months to cover for the stress factor. She said that didn’t make any difference and I’d have to get a new doctors certificate, only covering the 2 weeks.

* This is fine in theory, but in practice, it means paying another £10, which didn’t seem fair to me, when it was the doctor who got it wrong in the first place and didn’t listen when I said I only needed it for 2 weeks. So today I went back to the placements office to ask if I could have the orginal doctors certificate back, to take to the doctor, with the hope that they will see the problem and change it for me free of charge. Placement’s lady looked briefly for the doctors note and then recommended that I came back later, as she couldn’t find it straight away.

* After my lectures finished this morning, I went back to the placements office. Placement lady now says that she doesn’t have the orginal certificate because that is with our course secretary, in my folder. Placements office only have a copy of it and the lady had tried contact our course secretary to get it back from her, but shes off work today. Sigh.

So, tomorrow, I have to go to the course secretary and explain everything to her, and hope that she’ll give me the orginal sick note back. And then take it to the doctors and hope that they’ll change it free of charge. Although quite frankly, I’d prefer to pay and get it sorted than not have it sorted. And I’ve got lectures from 10-4, so quite when I’m going to do all of this, I don’t know.

Sorry for the rant. Its just annoying. Its another thing to have to sort out this week. Todays lectures were basically 3 hours of explaining everything we’ve got to get done in the next 3 months, in order to qualify. Information overload springs to mind. Its just stupid amounts of essays, evidence collecting, mentors signatures and scary ward management stuff. And, unlike most people, I haven’t finished my dissertation yet – thats another big thing I need to do this week.

Cliffs and Puffins on Skomer

The view from the top of the cliff, looking down:
View from the top of the Cliff

The view of the cliff. I was stood near to the edge than those people in the photo, when I was taking the above photo. Oops.
View of the Cliff

Good job steep cliffs don’t really bother me! The car and boat journey on the other hand was a different story, but a bit of travel sickness was definitely worth it for the puffins, seals, flowers and good company.
Puffin Puffins!!
Skomer Friends looking at seals on the top of the cliff


I realised I hadn’t blogged for a while, so I thought I’d come and tell you about my recent trip to London over the past few days.

I arrived on Wednesday evening and because John had an essay deadline on Friday, we spent the first couple of days together mostly working. But by Saturday lunchtime we decided we deserved a break, so we travelled into central London and went to Regent’s Park for a picnic.

Regent's Park Swans

After a stroll through the park, we decided it would be fun to hire a rowing boat and row around the lake. It was great fun. We discovered that I can’t row… When we first got into the boat, we had one oar each and tried to coordinate sharing the load, but that didn’t work because we had different strengths, so we just went round in circles. So John took both oars and got us into the middle of the lake. Then I decided he deserved a break, so took over. We went round in a circle one way, and then in the other way, and then we stayed exactly still – despite me rowing with both hands, as best as I could. After a couple of minutes of not moving John said (as tactfully as possible) ‘Its amazing!!! – I don’t know how you’re doing this, but we’re not moving anywhere, even though you’re doing everything right’. I did my best to take this as a compliment…

Rowing in Regent's Park Jen attempting to row... Jen given up rowing...

After an ice cream, we walked back to the tube station and went onto Westminister via Green Park twice (don’t ask – was a v.amusing misunderstanding). We saw Big Ben and walked down Whitehall where a crowd of cyclists were protesting about a nuclear free Middle East, or a nuclear Middle (depending which photo you look at…).

Big Ben Cycling for a Nuclear Middle?!?!

We then headed down through St James’ park and saw all the setting up of the end of the Marathon and then Buckingham Palace at the end, before turning into Green Park. We then made our way to the Science Museum for the last hour before they closed and went to see the Medicine Through the Ages, which was mostly surgical techniques. Highly interesting, especially as I have recently observed several major operations, although really quite scary – examining what people used to do, without the current medical advances we have now.

After that we made our way over to meet Alice M after she’d finished work, and after collapsing in the pub for a quick pint, we went to Hyde Park and had (another) picnic! It was really good to see Alice and it was amazing sitting by the lake in Hyde Park, eating the random food we’d bought.

Picnic with John and Alice in Hyde Park

Once we’d finished eating and said goodbye, John and I then went to meet a friend of his, that he wanted to introduce me to. Except that when we got there, I discovered I already met this person several years ago!! The Methodist world is too small… It was cool though – we turned up to find a living room full of about 10 random Methodist students. I immediately felt at home – so much so I was coming out with classic Jen comments such as ‘that cork screw only has one arm…’ (apparently it was an amputee) and ‘wow!!! its a metal frog!’ among practically complete strangers!

Overall it was a pretty great day, although I was more than a bit knackered by the end of it. Speaking of which, I’d better go to bed…

Mini Holiday on the Gower

This past week my family have invaded the Gower – 14 of them in total!!! All scattered around in different places over the Gower! Its been good – I worked my shifts at the beginning of the week and have since been enjoying various day trips on the Gower. My parents had a spare bed at their cottage, so some nights (when church stuff allowed me to), I’ve stayed over there, and its been good to spend time with them. Below are a selection of photos from the past week, including some panoramics from Worm’s Head – I forgot to take my camera out that day, so I offered to carry my Dad’s camera for him and then had great fun playing with the panoramic settings!

The Panoramic view from the top of Worm's Head

Panoramic from Worm's Head

Me looking over to the cliffs at Rhosilli, from Worm's Head Rock pools on the way over to Worm's Head

Primrose Dramatic Cliffs

Worm's Head Mumbles Lighthouse

Cute lambs!!! Langland Bay