General Update

As I was reminded the other day, I haven’t blogged much recently, so I thought I’d give you a general update.

I’m currently on placement, so have been busy doing 12 hour shifts, the other side of Swansea which adds extra travelling time onto my working day. I’ve only been there a week so far, but I’ve settled in reasonably well and am beginning to know where everything is and how the department works. I’m getting to see lots of things that I haven’t had experience of before and its really exciting. Although obviously, I don’t show my excitement at unusual conditions when working with them… its more an inner ‘ooh!!’ than anything else.

Talking of exciting, I’ve just booked my Greenbelt ticket!!! 😀 I got the latest publicity through the post yesterday and decided I had to book it before the end of this month. So I did. I’m not really excited about it yet though, I’ve got quite a lot of other stuff going on and so its difficult to think about and get excited about Greenbelt yet. Although, it usually works as quite a good distraction technique – Sarah and I have written each other an ‘other things to think about’ list – things to think about instead of the stuff you shouldn’t be thinking too much about! And she quite rightly, put Greenbelt right at the top of my list!!

In less exciting news, my laptop has broken. Lots. Well, it turns on and will log on as normal, but then it doesn’t do anything. After a couple of minutes, it refuses to respond to everything except the off button. It’ll work in safe mode, but thats about it. Its because I deleted a load of infected files, which were important for the computer to work. Oops. We tried doing a system repair with the orginal disk. It worked better for a short while but was still incredibly slow and it gradually got worse and now its back to not responding again. I’m going to have to do a complete system restore. I’ve got all my important files backed up on various sources, so it should be ok. Thankfully, my amazing housemate had a spare laptop which he kindly lent me! This has been fantastic because it means I can take my time to mend my laptop, and get on with internet procrastination work in the mean time!

Uni work at the moment is going very slowly. Its difficult to find the time and motivation for it when I’m working full time on the ward. The second half of my dissertation is due in the 30th April, so I’ve got a bit of time yet, I just need to get on with it! So far I’ve written about 1000 words, but before I can write anymore I need to do a lot more reading.

There are several more specific things that I keep wondering about whether or not to post, and keep on changing my mind! So you might hear from me more frequently…

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  1. Ooh best of luck with Dissertation Joy, though as anna and clarabel kept telling themselves "we can do it we can do it" and behold they got up the hill….


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