My days in Swansea are numbered

I’m going to have finished my degree this summer. How scary is that?! I can’t believe how fast it has gone and I’m certain that the next 7 months are going to fly by. Which of course, leads to the scary prospect of trying to find a job. Hmm. Harder than it sounds. A lot of the nurses from Swansea who qualified last summer still haven’t been able to find a paediatric nursing job. And in this line of work, if you stay unemployed for any length of time, its a lot harder to find a job because you become deskilled.

Ideally I would *love* to be able to stay in Swansea. But, at the moment, that possibility isn’t going to happen. There simply aren’t any jobs. And most of my 20 coursemates would also like a job in Swansea. So I’m trying to become accustomed to the fact that I’m going to be moving away in the summer. And as I recently found out my final, 3 month placement is away from Swansea, then I’ll be practically moving away in May. At least, I won’t be around much from May onwards.

This placement however, was my second request so I can’t complain about it too much. I chose it because its the same place as I was last summer, which means it’ll be easy to settle back into which is v.important for the management placement. And I did mostly enjoy it there last year. Its just the fact that it cuts my time in Swansea down by 3 months, that makes it disappointing.

Swansea during the past 2 years has become home. My friends are here. My support network is mostly here, or only a phonecall away. And I just love everything about it – the sea, the Gower, the proxminity to the Brecons and Pembrokeshire. The way I can walk to most of the places I regularly go – the sea, uni, church, friends houses and the town centre are all easy walking distance. There is no doubt about it – I will miss Swansea and all the people who live there, an awful lot.

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  1. You have a fair few months left to get the most out of swansea before you have to consider the possibility of a SWAN(sea) SONG… fine I’ll get my coat…


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