Happy New Year

Yes, ok.. I know I’m a week late. I’ve just been a bit busy with real life recently to say it yet here.

I came back to Swansea for new year, and celebrated it at Sarah and Alice’s, which was v.good. Alice organised some fab party games such as pictionary, charades and the newspaper game, which were much enjoyed. And of course, the consumption of a glass or two of wine made them interesting!

Since then I’ve been busy working on my dissertation, which I have just finalised and printed out!! 😀 😀 😀 I just have to hand it in tomorrow. It is quite exicting, although I must remember that its only half of it – its split into two halves, and the rest of it isn’t due in till May. This morning, however, we were given an ‘introduction to the module’ and the lecturer was explaining the next section of it to us. Most people hadn’t finished the first half (which is due in tomorrow), so couldn’t really get their heads around the next assignment! After talking to my coursemates this morning, I was very glad to have got a large amount of it done before Christmas, because most of them had had a v.stressful time over Christmas with their work. It was fantastic knowing I could have a break before coming back to finish it off. And now it feels even better knowing that I’ve finished it!!! Tomorrow night I’m going to be in the Ryddings enjoying a celebratory pint, if anyone fancies joining me. 🙂

As well as finishing off my dissertation and catching up with Swansea friends, I’ve also been to London for a few days. Spent a brilliant few days with John. I met more of his friends and family, and introduced him to one of my friends, just to balance it out slightly! 😉 We also managed a fair amount of sight seeing, including the London Eye (just seeing it, can’t afford to go in it!), the Musuem of Childhood and an amazing rainbow church.

The London Eye An absolutely amazing church

Merry-go-round in Leicester Square Big Ben

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. The "amazing rainbow church" is Westminster Cathedral, the head of the Catholic Church in England & Wales. Still not finished inside, despite it being built over 100 years ago! Gorgeous church, though, and the choir is fantastically good.

  2. Glad to see the photos have come out so well – the carouselle looks particularily good as does the close up mosiac one on flikr.

    John :)x

  3. Just a wee addition on the "amazing rainbow church" front who appear to have just started to run a blog (thanks to Maggi Dawn for drawing my attention to it)

    John 🙂 x

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