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Being at home over Christmas not only means that I get to see my parents, grandparents and my sister, but I also get to hear all those family stories that I often miss out on when I’m away at uni. For example, I don’t get much chance to talk to my auntie and uncle when I’m in Swansea, but the other night my mum rang them to let them know my grandparents had got here safely, so I took advantage of this opportunity to catch up with them.

With my obvious fondness of children, these chats often include funny anecdotes about their grandchildren, all of whom I am close to. And last night was no exception. M, their 5 year old grandchild, is currently learning to play the violin. He’s been learning for over a year now, having declared as soon as he could talk, that he wanted to play it. He is surprisingly good for his age – last April when he played a simple piece at my grandparents Diamond Wedding anniversary, I was both very impressed at his playing and struck by the cuteness (his violin is 1/16th of a normal sized violin!!! – aww!!).

Anyway, earlier this week his music teacher organised a concert for all of her pupils to play in together. This concert happened to be straight after M’s school Christmas party, so his mother was quite concerned that he would be too tired to play in it. But, he went along and played. He had to play ‘London’s Burning’ on his own, and ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ with the other, older children. When he got home M rang his Grandad to tell him how it had gone. Grandad asked how ‘London’s Burning’ had gone, and he declared it went well and he was very proud of himself (his words). And then Grandad asked M how ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ with the other children had gone. M said ‘It was good, I played it all right, and I even got to the end first!!!’

3 thoughts on “Amazed and Amused

  1. That’s really cute 🙂

    I’ve always wondered about 1/16th sized violins. like you I assumed that they were actually a 6th the size of a normal grown up sized one – until I worked out that that would actually mean a violin about 2 inches long… time for some internet research I think – will let you know what I find!

  2. here’s the eerie bit… no-one seems to know, they just state that that is the size most 3-5 year olds start on, but in fact it’s actually over half the size of a normal violin. Anyway, hope you have a good Christmas, see you soon xxx Em

  3. I remeber when I used to play a 1/16th violin, my mum still has it and she likes to let me know who she is starting off next using it.

    For a random bit of wood instruments can become a remarkably sentimental object, else maybe I’m just overly sentimental anyway.

    Brilliant story – I predict the young’un will go far… so long as he keeps enjoying it!

    John :)x

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