Knackered, Ill and Frustrated

I’m ill. 🙁 My glands are swollen, my ears hurt a lot and I’ve got a persistant headache. It feels as if someone has come along and drained every molecule of ATP (energy) from me. I’ve spent over 80% of today in bed, either sleeping or watching a DVD. My sore ears have completely thrown my sense of balance, so everytime I do try to move around the house I feel dizzy. I’ve been regularly drinking lemsip which helps a little, but not for long.

I know generally, I’m not the world’s best patient, but I have been resting today. Even without several motherly friends telling me to rest, I *knew* I couldn’t do anything else. And resting for a day or so is alright. But, with the way I feel at the moment, I can’t see myself improving rapidly overnight. And at some point my work does *have* to be done. I’m off placement now until next Thursday night, which is good because I don’t immediately have to take any offical time off. But I was planning to use these valuable days off to work on my dissertation. And now I can’t. Its just really frustrating, because I’m enjoying my dissertation and I want to get on with it! I saw my supervisor on Thursday and she boosted my enthusiasm for it and wants to see me again in a couple more weeks with lots more done. Hmm… :S 🙁

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