Monthly Archives: October 2006

Locked in!

With all the wet weather in Swansea, our front door has massively expanded. Last year it used to be slightly harder to open when it was wet, but nothing like this. Literally, I haven’t been able to open our front door alone for the past week or two! It usually takes two of us, although I think my housemates are stronger than me, because they seem to be able to do it on their own more often than I can. But seriously, if I’ve been in the house on my own, then I haven’t been able to get out! Luckily it hasn’t happened much, and when it has happened, I haven’t needed to go out. Its a major health and fire hazard, especially as its our only ground floor exit. There aren’t even any windows that open out to the ground floor (trust me – I’ve considered alternative exits!).

I wrote a letter to the landlords over a week ago about it, and it was given to them with our rent cheques. This morning I really was beginning to get more than a little annoyed at the door, which was refusing to open. Especially when we noticed the door frame cracking at the excessive force we were having to apply to get out of the house! Assertively ringing the landlords was added to my list of things to do today. And then, I was sat on my bed working and I could hear a distinctive sawing sound. I went to investigate and discovered our landlord dutifully shrinking our door!!! Thank goodness! We’re not locked in anymore!

Relaxing Weekend


I’ve just spent a lovely weekend in London. This past week I have been feeling really tired and stressed, for a number of reasons, and I apologise to the people who got the rough end of the stress. A weekend away from everything was just what I needed, and now I feel refreshed and revived.

On Saturday we went to a nature reserve with swans, ducks and geese, which was amazing, especially as they were all so tame, as you can see in the picture above, we were able to take some fantastic photos. And we think we saw a glimpse of a kingfisher, which was an added bonus.

Overall this weekend was spent enjoying nature, watching DVDs and generally being spoilt rotten, oh and we also discovered just how *scarily* small this world is…


Just to confirm the icecream didn’t actually kill me, I thought I’d say hello. I’m blaming Never Conforming for that one – she left me with lots and lots of ice cream! And ok, maybe she was a little surprised when she came back and found most of it gone! :angelic look:

Since my last proper post I’ve also decided I’m an introvert. Since then, people here and in real life, have pointed out its more about what you prefer to do when you’re knackered and how you act around people you aren’t close to. I realised that after being the centre of attention, for example at the first meeting of Swansea’s SCM group I’ve set up, all I want to do is flop at home. Which makes sense. As a child I was usually quite introverted and its only in the past few years as I’ve increased in confidence, that I’m more confortable in crowds. But I still need time to myself. Anyway, a friend gave me the link to the test I took last time, and I retook it and came out as ISFJ. Which I swear is quite different to last time. But I don’t care. I’m me, and that all that matters!

Introverted or Extroverted??

I recently took one of those online personality tests, which defines your personality using 4 words. I would provide a link to the test I took, but I don’t have it (perhaps someone would be kind enough to leave it in the comments?!). The first of these descriptions is either introverted or extroverted. As I was taking the test, I was very much split on the questions which led to this description. I could think of situations when I would do both. In the end, I answered as the ERG in me, as the extrovert, leaving the introverted me behind. So hence, I came out as an extrovert. Which isn’t particularly surprising, but the split still remains.

Most people who know me in Swansea will automatically say I am an extrovert. But I haven’t always been like that. When I was 3 years old I attended playgroup for an entire year and didn’t speak till the very last day. Throughout most of my schooling I tended to be quiet and shy. There were however, certain situations when I was younger when I was more ERGish. I can distinctly remember getting very excited and loud when we went to visit all my family down in Cornwall. They always have been close to me, and I only get to see them about twice a year, so I always have got excited, and been extroverted with them. Since a young age in church I have felt confident among my friends there, who have always been like a second family. I have always enjoyed taking part, in whatever shape or form, in church. But, as I say, most of the way through school, I was incredibly quiet and introverted.

Since I’ve been at uni, my confidence generally has increased dramatically. I think ERG, which was always there somewhere as a child, came out more when I came to uni. It had to – I was trying to settle in an entirely new city, where I didn’t know anyone. If I had been the quiet, ‘wouldn’t say boo to a goose’ Jen I had been at school, it would have been harder to settle in. Those who know me very well in Swansea, will know that I can still be quiet, without there necessarily being anything wrong. Within my course, I am much quieter than I am amongst other friends in Swansea. I am generally one of the quieter people in my group, although my coursemates do know that I don’t mind speaking in front of the rest of the group when giving feedback from groupwork.

Overall, I think the ‘extroverted’ which came up in the personality test, is correct. But thats not everything. I very definately do also have an introverted side. Believe it or not, there are many situations where I am quiet and withdrawn, although they have decreased since I’ve come to Swansea.


As one friend pointed out the other day, I haven’t blogged in over a week, which is quite unusual for me. So I thought I’d come and give you a quick update.

The main reason why I haven’t blogged much, is because I’ve been really busy. We’re doing a critical care module in uni at the moment which involves intensive lectures on ventilators, suicide, IV therapy and burns. Tomorrow and Friday we have two whole days on ‘the care of the dying’. Hmm. Not exactly the most thrilling of topics. But generally I am enjoying this module. Its at a harder level than anything we’ve done before, as you’d expect in third year, and its good to be challenged.

On top of my lectures and all the work that comes with it, I have started work on my dissertation. It is split into two halfs, each 5000 words long. The first half is a literature review, which can be written on any topic of your choice, and is due in at the beginning of January. The second half is a ‘Management of Change’ – basically saying what you would change about current practice, using the evidence from the literature review. But I don’t have to hand that in till next May. I have decided to do mine on the communication between nurses on the ward, and children with special needs and a severe communication impairment. Over the summer I started doing initial research and thinking about it, and then the other week I spoke to my supervisor about it, and she was really enthusiastic. I was given this particular lecturer because she is specialises in this field, and when I explained to her my idea, she was v.excited and claimed it was much better than the ‘run of the mill’ dissertations! She was very keen to do her best to support me with it, giving my half of her bookcase to read, her mobile phone number in case of difficulties and claimed that if i put the work in she would guide me, so that I reach my full potential. So yes, its all quite exciting… but the amount of work is more than a little daunting. Hence the recent lack of blogging.

And then of course, I’m also running an SCM group, planning alterntative worship for church this Sunday, as well as all the normal church stuff and social life, etc. Sigh. Life’s never quiet. Its ok though, at the moment I’m managing to juggle everything. My work is given priority. But then I also ensure I have one full day off a week, where I try to relax, but often end up doing everything that isn’t work, that needs doing! Its going to get erm, interesting, in a few weeks when I’m working full time on the wards, writing my dissertation and trying to keep up with church stuff. But I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it…

Exciting News!

I’m not single anymore! Thanks to him. Oh, and this had something to do with it too. As from Saturday we’re offically together. I’m very happy and looking forward to what the future has to hold. And don’t worry Swansea friends, I’m sure you’ll get to meet him sooner or later – you can never have too many excuses to have a pub trip! ;). On Saturday afternoon I sent a text to various friends who knew about the situation so far, and all it said in it was: :D:D:D:D:D. Which I think summed it up pretty nicely!