Parallel Worlds

Its strange. The way you can grow up with people, have known them all your life, and they now seem to live a completely different life to you.

I met up today with an old friend. We’ve known each other all our lifes. Our mums went to the same mother and toddler group, we went to the same playgroup, nursery, primary school, secondary school and sixth form college. I can remember being friends with her in primary school and although in secondary school we each found a different friendship group, we reunited at sixth form college. And I always thought we were relatively similiar. We came from similiar backgrounds, both from Christian families, and both had similar educational experiences. But now she seems so different to me. She’s going out with a guy she met over the internet, who lives in America. She has just come back from spending 3 months out there and now says she hates England and wants to move out there. When I knew her in sixth form, she was very involved with her church, but since meeting this guy she has left all of that behind. Shrug. Its her life and she can do what she likes with it. Its just amazing how much someone can change in 2 years.

Its like that with many of my friends now. Just because we’re all moved on, all leading different lives. At the moment they still cross paths once or twice a year, but mostly they are completely different. Another friend who I’ve known for a similar time, is currently in India with her boyfriend (what is it with people having partners aboard?!). We’ve all grown up. Grown apart.

2 thoughts on “Parallel Worlds

  1. It happens more and more as time goes on. Good friends become memories.

    You never know though, I met a great friend from scholl at Greenbelt last year. We hadn’t seen each other in almost 15 years.

  2. Get them to bring their partners over here. My friend Jim has married a American girl, but they now live in the UK. Its largely becuase he was still studying here, but I understand she prefers it over here.

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