Tips on how to wash your hair in the kitchen sink

• Ensure the sink is clear of all food remains and washing up
• Make sure the temperature is reasonable
• Wear something which you don't mind getting covered in water
• Don't use excess soap – it makes it even harder to get it all out
• Ensure eyes, mouth, ears and nose are closed – soapy water leaking into all 6 holes at once is NOT nice. (not entirely sure how you could close ears, but never mind….)
• Have someone nearby to help when you realise that without them you will NEVER get all the soap out
• Preferably this person shouldn't be your dad….

Please note: Kitchen sinks are NOT designed for washing hair.

5 thoughts on “Tips on how to wash your hair in the kitchen sink

  1. boots sell ear plugs. they work for water as well as noise. (kids often wear them in the pool after ear infections.)

  2. And I thought that you were the sturdy outdoors type too!!!

    Try washing your hair using a 5 litre water container that you also have to use for shaivng and washing in.

    Which do you do first?

  3. I am a sturdy outdoors type – or at least, i try to be! I had just never washed my hair in a kitchen sink before…but I managed – just about!

    I would do the washing first, because you don’t want to wash in water full of shaving foam. Although shaving in really dirty water wouldn’t be so nice – I think it would depend on how dirty I was.

  4. My my you have been busy. really you were just preparing for the joy and japes of greenbelt – why to be able to wash my hair in a sink in greenbelt would be sheer luxuary you lucky b*stard etc etc etc (see Monty Python for reference).

    Hope your well
    Warm Regards

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