I finished my lectures on Tuesday and after a mad few days cleaning, packing and trying to see as many Swansea friends as possible, I made it home this afternoon. In traditional Jen style, I made myself at home by spilling a plate of spaghetti bolognse all over my parents’ cream dinning room chair, within minutes of walking in the house. Oops.

Its a bit mad here at the moment. Our bathroom is being re-done, which means we currently have NO bath, shower or sink. Thankfully we still have a toilet…. except its missing a door. We aren’t going to have the shower/bath/sink etc fitted until Thursday or Friday next week. Eugh. Luckily we have friends who live locally and offered the use of their facilities…but still. Its a pain. Tomorrow I believe I’m expected to paint the ceiling in there, so that will be fun! (I wonder if I’ll make as much mess as I did with the spag bol…. 😉 ).

I wasn’t sure before I left how much internet access I would have here. And I’m still not entirely sure. The windows PC that I usually use whilst at home, has completely died. Just like that. Dead. I’m now on a Linux PC which I was always under the impression that my Dad couldn’t connect to the internet…. but it appears he can now. Shrug. The only thing is that because its Linux, it refuses to open some mircosoft websites and email accounts, and I can’t get msn on here. I should, in theory, be able to connect my laptop up whilst I’m here. My Dad has the broadband internet connection and I brought home my laptop and my ethernet cable. But we tried it earlier and it wouldn’t work. It just said that it couldn’t connect to the server. I think I just need to fiddle with the internet settings, but when I tried playing with them I was unsuccessful. Any suggestions???

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  1. UGH! bathroom renovation! you and your famly need to check out my blog archives! the last three entries for november 2004 and the whole of december 2004. you and your family can take comfort in the knowledge that i’ve been there, done that and it’s all but a distant memory now. and yours will be too.

    There’s photos on the blog with captions if you hover your mouse over the pic.

    (we didn’t have a door during the work either, so whilst hanging a curtain, i fell, twisted my ankle, needed x-rays and whereas it wasn’t broken, they found some other lump type thing that i needed an mri for, wasted the nhs’s money for it, as it didn’t bother me and after the results and 4-6 months of me worrying about possible surgery later they decided to ignore it! and all for a bathroom door!)

  2. Can you get something like miranda instead of messenger as it allows you to talk to your messenger contacts through it?


  3. No great suggestions, but if you can get it to work, as I think you have my e-mail can you get in touch so we can sort out mini-wibmeet @ Cropredy

  4. I’m not great on networking and internet sharing with Linux however a program which may help is AnalogX Proxy. It sets up the internet computer as a proxy server and then you can set that as your internet connection (rather than faffing around with internet sharing). No idea if it’ll work with Linux though!

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