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Erm, I don’t think the timer on our microwave works…

My Dinner

This was supposed to be a lasagne ready meal. I put it in the microwave for 12 minutes, as instructed on the back of packet. During these ’12 minutes’ I was very busy, running round like a headless chicken, and wondering what that burning smell was. I assumed it was my housemate’s dinner. Until I went to check on my ready meal. The mircowave said that it still had 9.5 minutes left of cooking time, but I think it had been saying that for sometime. Hmm. The hole in the middle of the meal, that you can see in the photo, was the only part of the meal that was edible – it was the only bit that I could cut into, even with a carving knife. So much for my quick and easy meal – I now had to find something else to eat!

Transcultural Nursing

I’ve just had a lecture this morning on transcultural nursing, and it really was quite interesting. The lecturer brought up some controversal issues, and encouraged open discussion with them. For example, one of the issues brought up towards the beginning of the lecture, was whether or not the NHS should be actively recruiting nurses from less developed countries abroad. Many of the group were arguing that they shouldn’t, because these nurses are taking our jobs, which I suppose is fair enough. But the argument that I think is more important, is that by tempting these nurses from abroad, you are taking them away from the countries which are in desperate need of an improved health service. Why, when there are plenty of unemployed, adequate nurses in this country, are we recruiting from the developing world, where they need it the most? It just doesn’t make sense!

Another very interesting discussion which came up later in the lecture, was based on the lecturers masters work, where she had looked at hospice care and attitudes towards people of ethnic minorities. She specifically told us about one hospice she visited where, dispite being situated in a largely multicultural city, had very few patients of other cultures and religions. She questioned the senior nurse as to why she thought this might be, and the response was that she thought within large asian families, they didn’t require hospice support due to the family support network they tend to have. At this point, the lecturer (very bravely) said to this senior nurse, ‘so you don’t think it might be anything to do with the huge crucifix you have at the enterance?’. This led the class into a discussion about whether a Christian hospice should openly, and boldly, state their beliefs in such a way. Many of the class members, who although admitted to not being committed Christians, argued that they should be able to, because it is their right to, just as other religions can. The lecturer said that she thought, if there were any committed Christians in the class, they would probably actively support the placing of this emormous and striking crucifix. At this point, I put up my hand, and said that I was a committed Christian, but as a committed Christian, I believe that we should be caring for everyone and be inclusive, and by having that cruxifix at the enterance, it was obviously deterring people of other religions from this service, which is needed across all cultures and backgrounds. I think the lecturer agreed with me, as she went onto talk about other hospices that she was impressed with because of their ability to be inclusive and fullfill the needs of all religious backgrounds, during this obviously distressing time for any family.

I am interested in all readers opinions on any of the subjects brought up in this post, so please don’t be afraid to leave a comment.


Why are the Wimbledon Ball Boys and Girls wearing navy blue instead of purple and green?! They always wear purple and green! And why are at least some of the girls wearing skirts? – I’m sure they all used to wear shorts. I’m a Methodist – I can’t cope with change! 😉

Apologies for Crypticness

Someone several months ago, said something to me which hurt lots. It went deep. I know this person was only stating their view on the situation, but in doing so they messed about with some of my inner most feelings. Since then, thanks to the help of friends, I have overcome the basic hurt which it caused. But I haven’t told *anyone* the exact statement that was said. Partly due to embarassment, and partly because it is too personal.

Generally, I now definately feel a lot better about the things that were said. But still, this one particular comment, hits me every so often. It deeply shocked me, because it pointed out something about myself and my behaviour that I hadn’t realised before. And I’m scared about how I will act in the future. How this comment will affect my actions.

Bike Ride

I’ve just got home after a fabulous bike ride. I set off early afternoon, prepared to further than usual, with food, drink, map, compass and extra layers. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so I can’t show you any photographs. But I can show you a map. I set off from my house, and cycled to Blackpill, where i went up through Cylne, past Killay, Dunvant and up to Gowerton. This section was all off road, through woods, and mostly flatish. It was really pleasant, listening to the birds and going along gently. The second half of this path was new to me, I’d only ever got as far as Killay before, because I lived near there last year. When I got to Gowerton, I was feeling a bit lost. I didn’t really know how I was going to get home. I could have just gone back the way I’d come, but I felt that was boring, and I fancied getting out onto the Gower.

Before today I’ve never taken my bike out on the Gower. Previously I had decided that I wasn’t fit enough for it. And today proved that I was correct. I set out on the North Gower road, but found it too busy (especially when the ideal cycle path, decided to just stop), so I turned off a smaller road which was sign posted Three Crosses. On the map, I could see that between myself and Three Crosses, there was a biggish hill. But its a lot easier to look at the contour lines on a map and to convince yourself that you can do it, than it is to actually cycle up the hill. Well, I did what I could – I took regular breaks and pushed some of the way. The views were absolutely amazing though. I was sorry I’d left my camera at home at this point. When I finally got to the ‘Welcome to Three Crosses’ sign, you have no idea how glad I was.

All the effort climbing up the hill, was worth it when I zoomed down the other side, down into Dunvant. I managed to break my maximum speed on my bike – I was going at 24.7 mph, which on a bike is quite fast! I *think* the section when I was going that fast, was down what seemed like the biggest hill in the world, and then I suddenly realised there was a roundabout at the bottom of the valley, and a similar sized hill going up the other side!!! Oh bugger. Argh!!! Lets just say I am so glad there weren’t any cars going around that roundabout when I got there.

The rest of the journey was quite simple. I just came back along the roads and through the park, back to my house. I now feel completely knackered. And my knee isn’t entirely happy. My whole body kinda aches a little, like it does after a long hike. But my bad knee is aching more than anywhere else. I need to find out from my physio whether the pain I get after cycling / hiking lots, is good pain (its strengthening the muscle) or bad pain (its pushing the ligament too much).

Overall it was a good afternoon. But now I’m going to go and have a bath and find some food before going out to a wiblogger’s birthday party.

Slow Down!!!!

Life seems to be moving so quickly at the moment. There have been a number of things lately that have literally just spiraled so fast, its practically impossible to keep up. The stuff that has happened in the past 2 weeks, seems to be 2 years worth of stuff. Well, almost. With all of that, my exam, and other general stressors, I am so knackered now. I need sleep. I know I’m young, and so can supposedly keep up with a fast pace of life. But at the moment, I’m just wishing it would slow down! Even if it was just long enough for me to catch my breath back.

I’ve got so many friends at the moment looking for jobs and houses and scary things like that. All of that is moving quickly and I’m doing my best to keep up with it all. Keep in touch with my friends and their news. But its difficult. Especially with *everything* moving so fast. Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying most of the developments, and seeing friends and things. I just need time to breathe. And sleep.

Exam is over!!!!!!

Well, its done. I had it this morning. And it was fine. I got the questions I wanted. I wrote seven pages in two hours. My hand was completely dead by the time I had finished. But its over!!! 😀 When it had finished I collasped in the chaplaincy and fell asleep! Well, had a nap. I haven’t got any lectures now until Monday, which is nice. I’m going to make sure I relax and have a good few days off. 🙂

SCM Gathering

I know it was over a week ago now, but I thought i’d come and say something about it. It was a good weekend. Some people ended up being handed a lot of responsibility and were busy with meeting and things, whereas I just got sent shopping (this would have been good, except for several thousand football fans…). As to be expected, none of us got a full nights sleep and a large amount of alcohol was consumed! It was very surreal going back to Manchester for it – it meant that I managed to see my parents and my church family, but the trains on the way back to my placement were awful (4 trains, 2 buses and 10 hours – grrr). I was roped into being the offical photographer for the weekend, and the photos can be found here.

In other news – my exam is tomorrow morning, but i feel prepared for it and I’ve managed to stop worrying about all the other stuff. This afternoon I managed to write down everything i need to know, without referring to my notes once. I feel like I can’t really do any more revision. I’m just waiting for the exam now. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Too Much

People always say things come in threes. But at the moment, if it was only 3 things, then it would be ok. Its about ten. Or at least, it seems like that.

I’ve got my exam on Wednesday, and I *know* that I need to concentrate on that. But there are so many other things at the moment which seem to be moving so quickly that I can hardly keep up. I usually just end up confused and with my head spinning. I am trying to revise. But my head is thinking about so much other stuff, that its hard. Thankfully, I’m feeling reasonably on top of my revision. As long as I can remember that in 2002 Harry Smith ate butterworth sweets on the away to Carlile, then i should be ok! 😉 I know that I just have to focus on my exam for the next 2 days, and then I can get my head round everything else. But all the other stuff keeps on coming into my head when I’m trying to revise. Sigh. I’ll get there. I’ll be ok.

Still Alive

Just a quickie to say hello. I’ve not been around much because my internet where I’ve been on placement decided to break. But, its ok now, because I’ve finished my placement!!! I moved back yesterday afternoon and celebrated nicely in the pub last night. I will be back to posting more regularly soon, though I’ve got an exam on Wednesday, so it might not/should not be until after that!