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Experimenting with arty photography

Since I’ve had my digital camera I have been quite enjoying experimenting with different types of shots – children in motion, flowers close up and landscape views. This evening, whilst relaxing on my days off work, I decided to experiment by taking photos of some of the displays I have on my walls.

These a set of photos as part of the Earth from Above series, which I had in a calendar a year or two ago. I have cut out four of the nicer ones and put them up on my wall. I’m not sure though whether its a good thing or a bad thing that the pictures aren’t square with the frame of the photo. It gives it an interesting perspective, I think. But I’m not sure that it looks right.


The photo below also shows a display in my room. They are postcards I have bought recently because I decided they’d look good on my wall. Yesterday I put them up on my door. I think the wooden background to the photo provides an interesting backdrop, although I’m not convinced that a plain background wouldn’t look better.

More Experimenting

Opinions are welcome.

Less confused!!!

Thanks for the explanations Bimble and Jack. I understand that, but I always thought that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. I never thought that it might vary throughout the year – hence the confusion! Since Tractor girl liked the photos I put up yesterday, I thought I’d post another one. Enjoy!


Less Confused!!

Thanks for the explanations Bimble and Jack. I understand that, but I always thought that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. I never thought that it might vary throughout the year – hence the confusion! Since Tractor girl liked the photos I put up yesterday, I thought I’d post another one. Enjoy!


Sunset – in the wrong place!!!!!! :S

As it was a lovely evening, and I hadn’t been out all day, I decided to cycle round the corner from mumbles to watch the sunset. I’ve done this on previous occasions and I have a favourite spot by the sea down there for watching it. This photograph shown below, is one that I’ve taken previously from this spot.

Sun going down

I got there today, expecting a lovely sunset because the sky was fairly clear. And there was nothing. This photograph, was taken from the same place, not long before sunset time tonight:

Where the sun usually sets

As you can see, there is a slight pinkness in the sky, but no sun.

At this point I just decided the sun was hiden behind some clouds and decided to leave it. I noticed though, that further round to the north there seemed to be some pretty clouds. So, I decided to climb the hill which is behind Mumbles and see if I could take some good photos of the clouds. I was very surprised, to reach the top of this hill and find an amazing, bright pink sunset. In the wrong place. From Mumbles, (for those of you who know Swansea) it was setting over the land. Not over the sea, as you can see above. Unfortunately my camera batteries decided to die on me, so I wasn’t able to take as many photos as I would have liked, but I did get a couple. This one shows the sun over the land, from the top of Mumbles Hill.

The sunset from the top of the hill

And this one was taken later, when I’d come down off the hill and cycled back to Mumbles:

The sunset from Mumbles pier

It is a well known fact that from Mumbles, you cannot see the sunset. You have to go around the corner, because, as you can see here Mumbles faces just about east. So, what on earth is going on?!?!?! There will probably be some people who won’t believe me, and thats fine. But I know what I saw and I’ve got photographic evidence to prove it. If anyone has any suggestions as to how/why this has happened or saw the sun setting elsewhere in the world, then please comment! I’m just confused! :S

Yay!!!!! :D

I managed to sort out all the problems with my shifts today!!!! 😀 There is one staff member who is a great joker, a fab teacher and generally good fun. And best of all, he will change the students shifts for them! He was on today, and the ward was really quiet. I explained the situation and he was happy to change my shifts for me. Don’t think the muppet is going to be v.happy, but never mind! Overall, it was a really good shift – we had a good laugh and he let the students leave an hour and a half early! The shift changes mean that after tomorrow’s early shift, I won’t be on again until next Thursday night, so I can go back to Swansea for ages!!! 😀


It is SO annoying at the moment. I don’t know yet what shifts I’m working next week. The muppet (different to Wood and Tracy’s muppet, but shes still a muppet) has done them. But, for starters she’s not given us the time for the bank holiday back (students get them off) – next week we should only be working 30 hours and shes put all the students down for 37.5 hours. She did the same for the last bank holiday, and I still haven’t taken back those hours either. When I told her, very politely, that we get the bank holidays off, she just snapped at me. She really isn’t very approachable.

She told us to put requests at the bottom of our off duty sheet. The only one I have there at the moment, is the weekend of the SCM gathering in Manchester. I asked if I could take the bank holiday I’m due, on the Friday of that weekend, so that I’d get chance to see my parents too. She hasn’t done the off duty for that week yet, but she’s put me down for a night shift on the Sunday night, the week before. How on earth, am I supposed to fit in 30 hours of work between Tuesday and Thursday??? I can’t work Monday, if I’m working Sunday night. And then I can’t fit my hours in before SCM. Unless I do long days, and the muppet has declared students aren’t allowed to do long days (despite the fact that one of the students is!). Earlier in the week, I explained the problem to my mentor and asked if I could do a night earlier in the week, instead of Sunday night. She said she couldn’t see a problem in changing it, but that she couldn’t change it. I have to ask the muppet. But the muppet hasn’t been on all week (shes only part time and is doing nights at the weekend – when I’m in Swansea).

I think I’m just going to have to talk to my mentor about it again. I need to know before I go to Swansea, when I’m working next week, so I know when to come back! I hate not knowing stuff like this. It goes back to the whole planning, organised, part of ERG. Its really annoying. Grr.

Lists and Timetables

Ever since I was old enough to write, I’ve always writen lists. I can remember being about 8 or 9 and writing out lists of everything I had to do in the coming day. And then I’d go back and fill in times beside each item. I would rarely stick to these times – everything would always take longer. But I’d still write them in. By the time I came to do my GCSEs, I had multicoloured timetables written out for the exam period and weeks before. I was slightly better, at this stage, at knowing what I could fit into a day. But I’d still run behind in my timetable and end up rewriting it. At A level I used a similar scheme. I’d spend several hours, planning in great depth which bit of my revision I was going to do when. My Mum used to say the time would be spent more productively actually revising. But, I dunno – I think it was important for me to have it all planned, even if I didn’t stick to it (or maybe I just did it because I liked writing it all out in rainbow colours! – all my revision notes used to be in rainbow colours too!!!!).

I’m still doing the same now. Except I’ve adapted to slightly more high tech versions. All my organisation stuff is on my laptop. When I’m here in my room, for any length of time, I usually have my laptop on, so that I can keep in touch with the outside world. So, it just seemed to make sense to do it on there. At the moment, I have a file in word called ‘To Do!’ and it contains a list of everything that I need to do. Most of it is work stuff, but there’s a few other things, like SCM stuff and random other bits. At the side of each item, I have written when I plan to do it. And then, when I turn on my computer, I open this file, and highlight in bold, all the things that should be done today. When I’ve done them, I have the satistfaction of changing the bullet point from a black circle to a tick. At the moment, I have several things on the list which are half done, so I changed their bullet points to a different symbol. Underneath this list, I have also written out a wider time scale plan. I’ve written the date of my exam, and split the time between now and then up into sections. For each section I have typed out clearly my work objectives for that period. I like doing it on the computer like this, because its easily editable. I can change it easily from day to day. The list is extendable. And if I completely mis-judge how long something will take me, then I don’t have to write out a whole new timetable.

Now, tell me. Is this excessive and silly or organised and sensible??? Those who know me well, will know I like to have things planned. And this is one way that I can. My Dad would never dream of doing anything like this in a million years – I mentioned it to him briefly on the phone, and he just laughed at me!

Jumping In

Argh. I don’t know what I’ve just let myself in for. It just seems to be my natural instinst to say ‘yeah, sure – I can do that’. Then you start thinking about all the details. And you start to worry. But at the same time, its exciting. I know I won’t be on my own. Hmm. I’m certainly not going to be bored next year!


I had the day off today and decided to stay in the area, and go exploring slightly further a field. I caught a bus from A, where I’m staying, to B. At B I got off the big bus I was on and (by 2 seconds) made a connecting second, smaller bus, which took me to C. When I got to C, I explored the small village, and set off walking to D. I had 4 hours before I needed to catch a bus at D, and there were a variety of routes I could take depending on the weather, time and my leg (which hasn’t been particularly liking the ward work). The weather was pretty reasonable which was good – it was very, very windy, but hardly any rain and a few sunny patches. Some of the views were absolutely breathtaking. I made it to D in plenty of time (without any major problems with my leg) and explored D a little before catching a bus up to E. This journey was over an hour, but was definately worth it – the minibus is specially designed for use of hikers and winds its way round country lanes and tiny villages. When I arrived in E, I had an hour to explore it and do a bit of touristy shopping (found fabulous, organic, homemade icecream and chocolates!!) , before catching another bus back to A. Overall I was quite impressed I managed to arrange, navigate and successfully carry out the days exploring. It was perfect because I saw an amazing amount of the surrounding area, have time for a ramble and at the same time, not push my leg too much. And I didn’t get lost!!!!

What has also struck me whiles I’ve been here, particularily today when I’ve been getting out and about more, is the country life. The way that everybody seems to know everybody else. And the way local, small shops are so friendly, welcoming and will do anything for their customers. For example, in D I desperately needed cash, otherwise I’d struggle to continue with my adventures. There was a post office/general store there, which I went into to ask if there was any way I could get cash out. The post office part of the shop was closed, but they were perfectly willing to open it all up again, just for me. Earlier in the week, I went into a local, organic farm shop and asked if she sold Geobars (they did Green and Blacks chocolate, so I thought she might do). She said no, but if I gave her some details she could order them in for me!!! And the bus drivers today were perfectly happy to take their customers to wherever they needed to get off, within the villages. For a long time on one of the buses, I was the only passenger on the bus – I was there, winding through the countryside and Show of Hand’s Country Life came into my head. It seemed quite apt.