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5 Minutes Peace

When I was little, one of my favourite books, was called ‘5 Minutes Peace’. All I can remember about it, is it was about a family of hippos and all the mother wanted was 5 minutes of peace. I don’t think I really realised, at the age of 6, how brilliant 5 minutes peace is, when you lead a hectic life. Now I do. And I’m enjoying it. 🙂

I arrived back in Swansea yesterday, but my housemates and many of my friends don’t get back till tomorrow. This means I’ve have 24 hours of ‘me time’. Until now, I hadn’t really felt like I had stopped. Life was crazy, right up till the end of term. Then I went home, and did all the pre-Christmas stuff there. Before heading down south and cramming in as many relatives as possible in less than a week. These past 24 hours, have been great.

Time to lie in this morning. Time to do washing – and space to hang it! Time to watch TV. Time to go shopping – for me! Time to relax. Don’t get me wrong, I love being around my friends and I am looking forward to our party tomorrow night. But it is also great to have the time and space to have 5 minutes peace.

In 2005:

• I have made lots of fantastic friends
• I became a wiblogger
• I had my first proper boyfriend, and with that came my first break up.
• A great man, who in many ways had adopted me, died from cancer.
• I have settled in Swansea, unbelievably well
• I have experienced the ups and downs of nursing
• I have taken steps of faith, I previously only dreamed of doing
• I now know exactly what Karine Polwart means when she sings ‘You put me back together again, Just when I thought I was broken forever, So broken that nothing on this earth could mend me, You put me back together again'.
• I've become once again, involved my local church, which is quite amazing considering I've only been going a year.
• I've had many exciting adventures – including the latest one, which involved jumping into a moving car, to stop it crashing!

Overall, it has been a good year, with its expected ups and downs, mountains to climb and waters to dive.
Heres to 2006.

Fairtrade Fudge – the solution to all problems???

I’m back!!!!! 🙂

After an exciting journey with trains breaking down and snow falls, I made it back to my house in Swansea. Opened the door. Phew – it hadn’t been broken into (like last Christmas). Turn on the light. Nothing. Turn on a different light. Nothing. Pick up the phone. Nothing. Put the heating on. Nothing. Ahhh…..we have a problem…..

I sent a text round to my other housemates, who are all still at home, asking for suggestions. I wasn’t sure if the landlords had gone away for Christmas or not. Then, whiles waiting for a response, I opened a packet of fairtraded fudge and sat in my living room, eating fudge and wondering what to do. It was snowing quite heavily outside, and the house had no heating nor electricity to use with an electric heater. The next minute I heard a click, and looked out into the hall, to find the lights had come on! Wow!!! How did that happen? I was only eating fudge – hadn’t started to try to solve the problem!

Oh, and Bimble – honestly, I maybe mad, but next to some of my relatives, I look incredibly sane.

Panic over!

Its ok. I fixed it!!!!! I managed to set the keyboard to a ‘filter key’ setting, without realising it, which meant that everytime I pressed any of the buttons, it just squeaked at me! – It sounded like there was a mouse trapped inside the keyboard! Parents have gone to bed and don’t think they would have been too pleased that I had broken their computer whiles they were asleep! At least its fixed.

Anyway, as I said in my mobile blog, I’m away for the next week without internet access. If there is any exciting, blogable news, I will use my mobile to tell people about it. That technical hitch was quite well timed actually, because it gave me an excuse to check that my mob-blogging does work.

I really ought to go to bed – parents are planning on leaving earlyish in the morning. So, HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!! Hope everyone has a good Christmas and i promise to be back, blogging properly before the New Year.