Monthly Archives: November 2005

The Tape

Our church routinely records all services, so that people can request a copy if they found the sermon particularly enlightening or if they are unable to make it to the service. I was asked if I would like a copy of the service we took on Sunday. My first reaction was ‘oh, my goodness, thats scary, i don’t want to listen to that!’ But then I decided that it would be funny to listen to, and its something we can all show our children and grandchildren. It also means we can improve, for example the music we do on fairly regularly. So anyway, I decided to say yes, we would like a copy.

This afternoon, when I arrived home from uni there was a suspicious, tape-shaped package with my name on it, in the hallway. I was a bit reluctant to listen to it at first, but Becky and Roo persuaded me. It was most bizarre. Sat in my living room, listening to the service which we led on Sunday. It took me back to everything I was thinking throughout the service. Like when I did the children’s address, there was one point when I was trying to encourage the kids to say something. In my head I was thinking ‘please, please, please, anything, just say anything!!!!!’ It was also quite interesting listening to the music group leading some of the songs. I was surprised at how clearly Sarah’s voice came over on the tape when she was singing. I suppose she was stood closest to the mike, so its not really surprising. During the prayers of intercession the music group led a sung response with the Taize music ‘O Lord Hear our Prayer’, and I was pleased with the way that came over on the tape – at the time we couldn’t tell how much the congregation could hear Becky leading the prayer.

It was just funny, listening back through it all. I suppose I still can’t quite believe that we led the whole service. Now we have proof!

Still Tired

I am still tired. And I really don’t understand why, because I’ve been in bed by 10.30 the past two nights. And I’ve slept for at least 7 hours. All the way through my lectures today its been a struggle to keep my eyes open. I’ve got stuff on my mind, but its not keeping me awake at night. During the day, I suppose I am quite busy – been in lectures since 10am and most of my lunch break was spent in a chaplaincy communion service. But I’m still sure that I shouldn’t be this tired, when I’m managing to sleep during the night. Maybe its just because during the past several weeks I’ve been consistantly going to bed after midnight, so I need more than a couple of early nights to get over the tiredness. Ummm, I dunno.


The service is done! Everything went to plan. And judging by the comments from the congregation afterwards, it was pretty good. 🙂 Though, when they start asking when we’re going to do the next one, we began to wish we had messed something up! And I didn’t say ‘umm’ lots (well, no more than normal) in the kid’s bit that I led. Many thanks go to Sarah, Becky, Richard, the stewards, the organist and the other musicians – it was most definately a group effort. I was on such a high when it had finished, and had all been fine. The grins on all our faces during the last hymn, To God be the Glory, were HUGE! And the quick group hug we shared before the congregation started exiting, just summed it up.

This morning when I was picking up Sarah, she exclaimed at the yayness of what we were about to do. I replied with “but, its like ‘argh!’ and ‘yay!'”! Now its over though, its just ‘YAY!’ 😀

Vicious Circle

I am so tired. But I have so much work to do. I’m trying to get the work done, but I keep on falling asleep, which means that the work takes me longer to do. Then I stay up later, get less sleep and get more tired. I can’t get out of the circle! And all the other things going on in life keeps me busy too, and makes me more tired. Like seeing friends, organising the ‘student led’ worship tomorrow at church and sorting out Christmas stuff. I feel like I need to sleep for about a week. But there’s so much that needs to be done.

OH!!! WOW!!!! SNOW!!!!!!!!!

At 7.30 this morning, I woke up to the voice of a housemate. An extremely excited voice. I lay there for a few minutes, wondering what on earth could make my housemate so high, so early in the morning. Then I heard her say ‘its all white’, and remembered that snow had been forecasted. I looked out of my window and EVERYWHERE was covered in snow!!!!!! I jumped out of bed, and got excited with the rest of my housemates. Becky, the v.excited housemate, exclaimed that she was going to the beach and ask if I wanted to come. I was still half asleep, and just said ‘but… not dressed’. 10 minutes later, I was fully dressed, and walking out of the house, down to the beach!

The beach was AMAZING! It was completely white. And apart from a few dog walkers, and some friends of ours building a snowman, it was empty. We walked all the way along the beach to the marina, saw all the boat covered in snow and walked along the pier and back along the beach. It was stunning. We took so many photos!

We got back home at about 10am, had breakfast, and now I’ve got to start work. But its all snowy!!!!! It feels like Christmas! I feel on too much of a high to work.

Climbing Mountains

Climbing mountains is hard work. But some people are really good at climbing up mountains – they can do it with seemingly little effort. Do these people actually find it tough, but they just cover it up? I suppose it depends on personal qualities, like muscle power in your legs and arms. And past experience – if you’ve had to climb a lot of mountains in your life, then you should be better at getting over it. Except, if you’ve injured yourself on a previous hike. Then you would struggle a lot more. Your ability to get up the mountain also depends on the equipment and resources available – people who try to get up mountains without hiking boots, waterproofs, etc are just silly.

Personally, I’m reasonably good at climbing mountains, but by no means great. I usually need help. Like when I did Snowdon with my Dad a couple of years ago, it was hard work and I couldn’t have done it without my Dad (near the top he even carried my bag as well as his own- thanks!). Since then, being in Swansea and living independently, I’ve improved. There are so many hills in Swansea to cope with, that my muscles are much stronger. But I am still in amazement when people seem to get up mountains so easily, and they help others up too.


University is great. You learn so much, and not only in lectures. In fact, a surprising amount of things i’ve learnt in the past year, comes from life experiences instead of lectures. Yes, i have learnt a lot in lectures, but much of my learning has been from placements and general life events. In the past year, I have learnt:
* How NOT to dig myself in a hole (tread very carefully around the subject of age!)
* How to successfully breastfeed a baby
* How to cook on a gas cooker (parents have electric – gas was v.strange at first!)
* How to balance a student life with a working life i.e. how to stay up past midnight and then work from 7am till 7pm the following day!
* How to do html links
* How to cope on a crazily busy ward (something no lecture can prepare you for)
* How to persuade a chaplain give you communion, when he’s completely unprepared
* How to understand v.complicated situations (if you think soaps can get complicated, its nothing!)
* How to get across London on the underground when there are floods, lighting strikes, major delays and consequently about a million people in Kings Cross
* And that planning and organising a morning church service is hard work! – I’m glad i don’t do it every week!

Eek! Too much work!

I’m currently trying to work on my community profile – a study of a particular community, where its demographic data is anyalsed and health needs are assess. I need to decide if the health needs of the community are being met and make recommendations for the redirection of funding and resources, so that the health needs can be met (theorectically). Its supposed to be 4000 words. Which, because I’m surrounded by friends writing 20, 000 word thesises, doesn’t sound that much. But when you come to write it, it seems really, really long. Its not due in until after Christmas, but I would like to finish it (or at least have ready for my personal tutor to read) before Christmas. So far, I have written just over 700 words. I have worked out, in my diary, when I need to write which sections, in order to finish before Christmas. And it is really scary, how little time I have. I need to write at least 1000 words a week, which in comparsion to what Sarah’s doing, is nothing, but I also have more than 20 hours of lectures a week. And I still have to read a worrying amount, in order to write this profile. Then there’s socialising (v.important!) – birthday parties, Christmas meals, hiking, etc. Not to mention spiritual stuff – there are a heck of a lot of advent/Christmas services that I have to attend, because I’m doing something in them – like next Sunday, we’re leading the WHOLE morning service! Theres just not enough time!!!